Recorded Future Integrates with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Continuous Threat Protection

Recorded Future Integrates with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Continuous Threat Protection

Recorded Future, one of the world’s largest providers of intelligence for enterprise security, today announced it has further strengthened its relationship with Microsoft through an integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, enabling continuous threat protection and the proactive blocking of threats, helping to further protect businesses from an attack.

Additionally, as a result of its integrations with Microsoft, Recorded Future has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions to better defend against a world of increasing threats.

The integration allows Recorded Future to help security teams reduce their risk exposure by collecting, analyzing, and delivering actionable security intelligence within their Microsoft security solutions. With this integration, high-confidence indicators are automatically sent to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, enabling security teams to proactively protect their organizations from emerging threats.

Recorded Future also currently integrates with Microsoft Azure Sentinel to support security operations and incident response teams in protecting their cloud environments with contextual intelligence on internal telemetry data for faster identification, prioritization, and response to threats.

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Recorded Future’s Intelligence Platform combines sophisticated machine and human analysis to fuse open source, dark web, and technical sources with original research. This approach automatically suggests outcomes that can be consumed by analysts easily and integrates with existing security systems. Recorded Future’s integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint provides unmatched visibility into an external threat landscape through:

  • Automated, Continuous Threat Monitoring – Recorded Future intelligence is automatically and continuously delivered into Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to alert and block suspicious network traffic. As a result, endpoints and their corresponding users will be better protected from malicious sites flagged by Recorded Future and from potential damage to their organization.
  • Out-of-the-Box Threat Protection – The Recorded Future integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint provides increased protection against known, high-risk Command and Control IP addresses, as well as newly registered domains that have been weaponized.
  • Actionable Playbooks – Recorded Future developed actionable playbook templates that are click-to-implement and available on the Azure Sentinel GitHub for download.

“The strength of an organization’s security posture requires the ability to proactively monitor threats outside of an organization as it does to surveil its internal infrastructure. Deepening our initial partnership, with more Recorded Future intelligence, Microsoft clients gain complete visibility and can combine it with internal telemetry to proactively block threats before they impact the business.” – Stuart Solomon, Chief Operating Officer, Recorded Future

“Recorded Future enables clients to instantly understand their threat landscape and respond with correlated external intelligence. As we remain focused on delivering a holistic, cloud-delivered endpoint security solution, the integration of Recorded Future’s intelligence with dynamic data sources provides an additional layer of threat protection for our clients’ security posture.” – Tomer Brand, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft 365 Security at Microsoft Corp.

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