Redline Communications Announces Initial Release of Next-Generation High-Capacity Virtual Fiber Product Line

Redline Communications Announces Initial Release of Next-Generation High-Capacity Virtual Fiber Product Line-01 (1)

Redline Communications Group Inc. (“Redline Communications”) (TSX: RDL), a leading provider of mission-critical data infrastructure for remote and harsh environments, announces today the release of the RDL-3203 Ellipse, as part of the latest addition to Redline’s award-winning Virtual Fiber™ product line, the RDL-3200 family. The innovative RDL-3203 is built on top of the Redline tri-band architecture, which offers an outstanding 1.3 Gbps throughput capacity and ultimate flexibility for real-time applications, configurations, and network planning for remote industrial deployments. The RDL-3203 delivers cost-efficient, powerful processing capabilities that reliably transport a wide range of point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) industrial-grade communications in congested RF environments and challenging weather conditions. The tentative early availability of the RDL-3203 is expected as early as Q4 2021.

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The uniquely rugged and reliable RDL-3200 family features:

  • Tri-band technology brings gigabit per second capacity and beyond for the ultra-broadband service
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture allows for continuous improvement, enhanced reliability, longer service lifetime, and in turn protects the customer’s investment for lowered OPEX and CAPEX
  • Flexible channel sizes provide the optimal performance even in a congested RF environment
  • Lower than 10 ms latency, optimal for transporting mission-critical applications
  • Low power consumption, suitable for alternative power sources, including solar panel
  • All-outdoor rugged radio units, capable of operating in harsh and remote industrial environments
  • Industry best cybersecurity protection

The RDL-3200 line provides outstanding spectral efficiency in its class for industry-leading speed and capacity. With Redline’s commitment to continuously enhance the software, the SDR architecture allows for evolution over time via remote upgrades to continuously protect the customer’s investment. It also provides the longest deployment range of its competitors for excellent coverage. The rugged design and high-speed over-the-air data rates significantly improve operational efficiency and makes it ideal for industrial organizations requiring time-sensitive data and reliable transport for backhaul, HD video, voice, SCADA, and M2M. RedCare advanced protection is included with all deployments to provide guaranteed long-term, uninterrupted service anywhere in the world. As part of Redline’s extensive RedCare program, our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) ensures 24/7 technical support for any emergencies or inquiries.

“There is a continuous demand for real-time mission-critical applications and that demand translates to the need for more reliable bandwidth,” comments Reno Moccia, EVP of Sales & Marketing of Redline Communication. “The RDL-3200 family was built to support the growth of data requirements and flexibility. The RDL-3203 complements our current RDL-3000 line, and together, they provide a total solution for customers.”

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