Regional Multi-Service Health System Signs New Six-Figure Agreement with CynergisTek for Cybersecurity Services

Regional Multi-Service Health System Signs New Six-Figure Agreement with CynergisTek for Cybersecurity Services

CynergisTek (NYSE American: CTEK), a leading cybersecurity, privacy, compliance, and IT audit firm helping organizations in highly regulated industries navigate emerging security and privacy issues, adds a multi-hospital full service Midwest regional health system with more than 30 locations to the CynergisTek’s growing healthcare client base. In this six-figure agreement, CynergisTek will provide the health system with comprehensive cybersecurity services

Under the agreement, CynergisTek’s Red Team will perform a series of tests to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the health system’s information technology environment and a thorough assessment of the organization’s security program. The result and high-valued deliverable is a clearly defined remediation roadmap of priorities that the client can use to strategize for the upcoming year, gain budget approval, and shore up defenses to build resiliency against data breaches and cyber-attacks.

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In a recent article on how to improve cyber resiliency, CynergisTek’s CEO and President, Mac McMillan is quoted saying, “Cybersecurity is a constant battle between good and bad. Good must work harder than bad, because bad only has to find one way to take advantage of you, and good has to find every way to stop them. But at the end of the day, you end up a lot better off down the road if you make good decisions based on continuous testing and evaluation of your program and controls.” Partnering with a third-party and expert in technical testing and security risk assessments is one of the first steps in making good decisions because it helps organizations understand their strengths and weaknesses.

“Adding yet another group of healthcare providers to our CynergisTek client community is a demonstration of our reputation and expertise in this space,” said Tim McMullen, COO at CynergisTek. The healthcare industry is one of the most sought-after targets for ransomware attacks. The threat landscape in healthcare is more expansive and hackers understand healthcare is more likely to pay a ransom because they can’t risk the disruption to operations and patient care delivery and in some cases leading to inadvertently harming a patient. McMullen goes on to say, “CynergisTek has dedicated years to this industry and will continue to support our clients in their journey to build resilience and strengthen their cybersecurity and privacy programs against future attacks.”

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