RETN Announces Increased Scrubbing Capacity for DDoS Mitigation by 5000% as part of New Cyber Security Platform Launch

Cyber Security Launch

RETN, the leading independent global network services provider, announces the launch of its new DDoS Mitigation Platform, designed to combine cutting-edge cyber security with network level protection and increase scrubbing capacity for customers by 5000%.

RETN’s platform provides direct traffic control, enhanced visibility, and vast scale and reach to protect against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks across its extensive 135,000-kilometre network from Europe to Asia. With the ability to implement efficient and immediate mitigation measures directly at the network level, RETN is uniquely positioned to help businesses stop attacks closer to their source, ensuring peace of mind and continuity of service even under attack conditions.

Tony O’Sullivan, CEO of RETN, said: “In the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, RETN’s new DDoS Mitigation Platform represents a significant step forward in securing the internet’s backbone and ensuring the digital safety of businesses worldwide. DDoS mitigation is now essential and should be expected by all businesses and mission critical networks that require real-time protection. We are excited to now provide a solution that excels in detecting attacks, alerting users, and responding swiftly to mitigate them.”

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The RETN DDoS Platform provides:

  • Automated and intelligent mitigation: using machine learning and AI to automatically detect and mitigate threats, ensuring malicious attempts are blocked before reaching the network or online applications
  • Vastly increased scrubbing capacity across multiple centres deployed strategically across the RETN Global Network
  • 24×7 Security Operation Centre (SOC)
  • Customer Security Portal for inhouse visibility and control
  • Automated real time alerts and reports
  • Customisable profiles for each network/host resource

IP Transit and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) customers will benefit from:

  • Volumetric Attack Protection: RETN’s platform diverts overwhelming traffic away from the target network, filtering out malicious packets and ensuring the smooth passage of legitimate traffic. This approach is crucial for maintaining online availability and service continuity during large-scale DDoS events.
  • Protocol Attack Protection: Identifying and mitigating suspicious traffic patterns indicative of protocol attacks, such as SYN floods or TCP floods, thus safeguarding network resources from being overwhelmed by malicious traffic.
  • Application Protection: The platform features a cloud-based, enterprise-grade Web Application Firewall (WAF) that shields web applications, APIs, and online services from a myriad of threats, including but not limited to automated bots, injection attacks, and application-layer denial of service. By offering multi-layered L3/4 and L7 protection, RETN ensures comprehensive defence against attacks on public-facing websites, applications, and APIs, all while adhering to the top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities.
  • DNS Protection: Supported by a fully redundant and globally distributed DNS infrastructure, capable of absorbing large-scale DNS-based DDoS attacks while seamlessly responding to legitimate user requests. It stands against reflected, amplification, and advanced DNS-based attacks, as well as DNS spoofing, cache poisoning, tunnelling, and hijacking, ensuring the integrity and availability of online services.  

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