S2W joins membership of APWG – Anti-Phishing Working Group

S2W joins membership of APWG - Anti-Phishing Working Group

Korean cyberthreat intelligence trailblazer S2W has established a partnership with Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), the international counter-cybercrime association, to exchange data through APWG’s eCrime Exchange (eCX), the pre-eminent global clearinghouse for exchange of cybercrime event data.

S2W’s alliance with the APWG will expand the company’s resources to counter cybercrimes such as phishing-related scams worldwide — and provide APWG’s eCX with a vital new data resource for monitoring of scams, fraud and phishing in Korea and greater East Asia.

“We are honored to have the scientists and engineers of S2W join the APWG at the forefront of the global confrontation with cybercrime. Data is the fuel we can all share to vanquish the perpetrator and S2W’s insights in this regard is an inspiration to us all,” said APWG Secretary General Peter Cassidy.

Adding the eCX platform of the APWG, one of the world’s largest anti-phishing alliances, S2W now has broader insight into the global online threat trends, information on phishing URLs and emails, as well as malicious IPs and domains. As the same infrastructure has often been used in various cybercrimes against global brands, this data-exchange partnership will significantly enhance the capability of S2W in detecting and preventing phishing attacks.

In addition to the data exchange platform, eCX, S2W will also cooperate with the community of specialists who can further solutions in technical and legal issues related to phishing attacks.

“Acquiring a large data set is critical to fight the various phishing attacks rapidly growing worldwide. Our partnership with APWG, one of the world’s largest counter-cybercrime organizations, will give us a much better set of arms to monitor and prohibit cybercrimes,” comments Sangduk Suh, CEO of S2W.

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