SafeGuard Cyber Offers First And Only Security And Compliance Solution for Telegram Users


Enables Next Generation Business Communication in FiServ, Crypto Markets

SafeGuard Cyber, the only SaaS platform dedicated to managing the full lifecycle of digital risk protection, today announced it now delivers automated cybersecurity and compliance controls for Telegram, the fast, simple, and free cloud-based messaging app favored by financial services and crypto currency firms for business communications.

More companies are turning to mobile apps to get work done in ways that offer the least friction, especially since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Among these, Telegram has been a favorite of disruptive financial services and crypto currency firms for its simplicity, speed, flexibility, and built-in encryption. The app also supports businesses with the ability to have groups of up to 200,000 users, with support for photos, videos, and files of any type. As a result, Telegram has emerged in these industries as a preferred alternative to Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

“We serve a number of innovative financial services firms around the world that have embraced apps like Telegram,” said SafeGuard Cyber CEO and Co-founder Jim Zuffoletti. “They’re disrupting the finance sector, including how agile and responsive they can be in business communications.”

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However, even encrypted mobile chat channels are subject to security and regulatory compliance concerns. Business communications remain vulnerable to spear-phishing, ransomware, and cyber-espionage attacks. Financial firms are also looking for ways to reduce compliance risks and ensure legal readiness.

SafeGuard Cyber’s new solution addresses these concerns by extending the platform’s award-winning security and data loss prevention capabilities to Telegram messages. Companies will now be able to capture Telegram content in real-time, apply policies, and automatically quarantine messages that pose data loss or compliance risks.

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“We recently surveyed more than 600 IT and security professionals and found the biggest security and compliance challenge is the use of unsanctioned apps,” noted Otavio Freire, CTO and Co-founder of SafeGuard Cyber. “We’re proud to give security and compliance teams at digital currency and new financial services providers a scalable solution to enable Telegram as a sanctioned channel. This new capability continues our mission of securing human connections no matter what digital channel they’re in.”