SafeRide Technologies Extends vSentry™ Edge AI with New Cybersecurity Solution for Automotive Ethernet

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software (IDPS)

vSentry Edge AI wins the TU-Automotive award for best cybersecurity product of 2020

SafeRide Technologies, a leading provider of AI-based vehicle health management, data analytics, and cybersecurity solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles, today announced the release of new Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software (IDPs) to protect Automotive Ethernet networks against cyberattacks. The new solution is integrated into SafeRide’s vSentry™ Edge AI software, which was awarded Automotive Cybersecurity Product of the Year at the TU-Automotive Detroit 2020 awards ceremony yesterday.

vSentry Edge AI is an embedded and real-time network IDPS designed for central and zonal gateways. It combines a highly configurable deterministic and rule-based firewall with machine learning and deep learning technology. vSentry Edge AI monitors the CAN and Ethernet communications from multiple domains and performs deep packet inspection and payload analysis. The AI solution uses unsupervised learning with minimal burden on the OEM.

“We’re honored to have vSentry Edge AI recognized as the Automotive Cybersecurity Product of the Year by TU-Automotive,” said Gil Reiter, SafeRide’s Vice President of Product Management and Marketing.

“The adoption of Automotive Ethernet is escalating the overall complexity of vehicles and creating unforeseen development challenges and cybersecurity vulnerabilities,” said Gil. “Unlike other solutions on the market, vSentry Edge AI includes machine learning and deep learning technology that provides early detection of zero-day cyberattacks.”

SafeRide is demonstrating the vSentry Edge AI solution this week at TU-Automotive Detroit running on NXP’s S32G Vehicle Network Processor. “vSentry Edge AI utilizes the S32G hardware accelerators to offload the Ethernet packet processing from the microprocessor to enable real-time Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and payload analysis down to the signal level,” said Gil.

“The combination of SafeRide’s vSentry Edge AI software with the NXP S32G processor brings together network intelligence with network acceleration to protect against automotive cybersecurity threats and help maintain vehicle safety and security,” said Brian Carlson, Global Marketing Director for Vehicle Control and Networking Solutions at NXP. “Congratulations to SafeRide for being recognized by TU-Automotive as an automotive cybersecurity innovator.”