Saviynt and AWS to Modernize Cloud Identity & Access Management


Saviynt, a leading provider of cloud-native identity and governance platform solutions, announced today a milestone integration between its identity governance technology and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer.

This advancement offers an unprecedented level of visibility, control, and automation for cloud resources, and ensures stringent compliance with security policies, feasibly reducing security risk and increasing adherence to a zero-trust security model.

The Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud platform (EIC) for AWS, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments offers cloud security innovations, including visibility into user activities and access levels, privileged access management with passwordless and session monitoring, and adaptive access controls and identity verification which are even more substantiated through this integration with AWS IAM Access Analyzer.

As companies take on more digital transformation initiatives, they face fragmented security systems and a rising cost of cyberattacks linked to incomplete enterprise IAM practices. Saviynt’s EIC equips companies with more sophisticated identity security features, such as continuous risk assessment and continuous compliance monitoring.

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“Our collaboration with AWS Services is nothing short of a leap forward in cloud infrastructure management,” said Vibhuti Sinha, Chief Product Officer. “This innovation answers the pressing need for an intelligent, user-friendly identity security solution that delivers unmatched efficiency, compliance, and adaptability to the dynamic nature of cloud environments.”

This strengthened integration and partnership with AWS delivers on Saviynt’s vision of providing innovative, unified security solutions that represent technological advancements and market leadership in the cloud security and IAM space.

“With Saviynt’s advanced analytics and automated policy enforcement, our joint customers can easily and quickly streamline operational processes, achieve ongoing compliance with the highest regulatory standards, and scale the solution to fit the dynamic and unique needs of their modern cloud environment,” said Sinha.

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