Ecommerce Shakeup Launches From Seattle With Marcus Trufant

Seattle With Marcus Trufant

Revolutionary New Platform is “Final Step” in Shopping with a Heart

“We are both the now and the future of e-commerce, allowing people to do good by doing business,” said Our Mayberry Founder Shawn Tacey as this one-of-a-kind platform launched this week, promising to forever revolutionize the way people purchase goods and services.  “We want to change the world with Our Mayberry.”

Our Mayberry is a unique eCommerce platform where small businesses offer their goods and services and consumers can direct a percentage of every sale to charities they are passionate about. “Belief-driven buyers love the power in this new type of transaction, knowing that every purchase makes a difference in their community,” continued Tacey. “The current method of manipulating and automating consumer behaviors at the expense of our local economies needs to end.  We are awakening consumers to the power they have, and with our platform, they will change the world with their spending.”

Former football player Marcus Trufant, who played for 10 seasons in the NFL and was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2003, has joined the effort through his Trufant Family Foundation.

“While we are facing many challenges in our society, I am excited to have my Foundation join Our Mayberry,” Trufant said. “This is a place where we can start rebuilding our communities by helping small businesses and nonprofits partner for their mutual benefit. Purchase items you normally buy and Our Mayberry does the rest. Makes it easy for a nonprofit organization like the Trufant Family Foundation to partner with local businesses and those abroad who want to give back.”

The new platform is an alternative to current advertising-based business models. Our Mayberry, the charities promote the businesses to belief-driven shoppers and in return receive a contribution from each sale.

There is no charge for charities and the unique Our Mayberry process ensures that the funds contributed to have an immediate impact because contributions go directly to the selected charity without being handled by the business or Our Mayberry.

“There are just too many people and great causes that are suffering in the world, especially now with COVID-19,” Tacey continued.  “We are changing that.”

“Charities are still more comfortable asking for dollars than they are with forming partnerships for the good of the cause,” Tacey said. “Here, we are offering them a new, sustainable funding source that comes from the purchases made every day by their supporters. There is tremendous collective power locked inside these everyday purchases, and Our Mayberry is the key to unlocking this power for the benefit of communities everywhere.”

In addition, Our Mayberry provides an array of financial technology (fintech) services, which are of particular benefit now during the COVID-19 pandemic, including true contactless payments, free scheduling of order pickups, in-store and online purchases, and invoicing.

Our Mayberry has established footholds with causes and businesses in the states of WashingtonSouth Dakota, and Texas, and are building relationships with global organizations like Rotary International.

As an incentive to sign up now, the first 250 businesses who join will be able to participate for free for a year.