SecBI Releases Major Enhancements to Universal XDR Platform


Speeds accurate detection and remediation of sophisticated cyber threats by orchestrating the functionality of existing Enterprise and MSSP security tools

SecBI, a leading provider of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions for Enterprises and MSSPs today launched a significant update to its acclaimed Universal XDR Platform.

The release marks a new milestone in terms of innovation in vendor-agnostic XDR, which is essential for organizations that need to improve security, but want to leverage their already considerable investments in cybersecurity technology and avoid being locked in to a proprietary XDR solution from a single vendor. With this latest platform update, SecBI XDR makes it easier than ever to integrate and orchestrate siloed cybersecurity controls such as NTA, EPP/EDR, firewall, web security and email gateways.

“The ability of XDR to integrate and scale with existing security tools is a critical business requirement for our enterprise and MSSP customers alike,” explains Gilad Peleg, CEO SecBI. “The power and agility of SecBI Universal XDR Platform allows organizations to unify and amplify the value of their existing tools and playbooks, so security teams know exactly where to focus their efforts and spend less time correlating alerts and chasing false positives.”

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The feature and functionality enhancements in SecBI Universal XDR Platform support:

Expanded vendor integrations: with seamless support for the latest versions of PAN, Zscaler, Mimecast, Proofpoint, CrowdStrike, Cybereason and other best-of-breed cybersecurity tools.

Visual playbook configuration simplifies and accelerates development and deployment of existing and new playbooks for threat detection and response. Most SOAR platforms take 6-12 months to deploy and require a dedicated team to manage the playbooks afterwards. In contrast, SecBI Universal XDR Platform and playbooks only take days to deploy and configure.

Multi-tenant management allows SecBI MSSP and MDR partners to onboard new tenants automatically and securely manage them. The updated platform supports multi-tenancy management from the cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments.

User defined detection and severity management lets customers control the severity level of different threats, so SOC teams can focus on the cyber threats that matter most.

As always, SecBI’s unique Autonomous Investigation algorithm adds context and analysis to suspicious events aggregated from best-of-breed security controls, helping SecOps and SOC analysts stop the flood of non-correlated alerts, reduce the noise from false positives, and quickly identify staged, multi-vector attacks that would previously go undetected.