SecuLetter and KT allied to launch an integrated security product

integrated security product

The new product, an AI-based threat information extraction and APT attack response system, prevents malicious code and phishing through email and provides real-time threat information.

SecuLetter, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, has launched an integrated security product, named the “KT Intelligent Threat Email Analysis Solution,” in cooperation with KT Corporation (KRX: 030200;NYSE: KT). KT, Korea’s largest telecommunications service provider, is leading the new era of innovations in one of the world’s most connected countries with 5G, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Blockchain and other transformative technologies. KT launched the world’s first nationwide commercial 5G network in April 2019, after showcasing the first trial 5G services at the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games in February 2018. To help cope with COVID-19, KT is staging a social campaign, dubbed “Ma-Eum:TACT (Heart to Heart),” providing technology supports for people and businesses in need. KT will deliver most essential and innovative services and solutions to its customers around the world as the first frontier in the next technology revolution and number one Global ICT Company.

From April of this year, SecuLetter has been conducting interlocking and verification tests of KT’s A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and SecuLetter products, and after signing a strategic business alliance agreement in August, SecuLetter and KT have jointly launched an integrated security product. The security solution allows customers to detect and block various threats—such as malicious code infections, phishing, ransomware, and APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) that attempt to attack the user’s computer through email—and quickly and comprehensively protects the user’s information and assets.

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The application of KT’s A.I. analysis technology, which is based on the learning and analysis of 200 million emails per year, enables the system to detect new threats such as phishing, URLs, and malicious code executable files as well as to provide A.I.-based threat information. In terms of malicious code analysis, the system has also been applied with SecuLetter’s proprietary reverse engineering platform technology, which supports multi-level diagnosis and analysis of malicious codes to detect, diagnose, analyze, and block suspicious documents and other threats. The technology is also equipped with various features that help protect against any of the APT’s security blind spots.

Head of the KT Corporate Service Division, Mr. Lee, Jin-woo said, “KT pursues innovation every day to provide customer-oriented services, and the recently launched solution also reflects this vision. In other words, it combines KT’s A.I. and security threat intelligence with the most advanced and comprehensive malware detection and blocking technologies needed by customers. This solution will be of great help to customers who want to increase their corporate information protection and business continuity.”

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SecuLetter CEO Lim, Chasung said, “We are happy to release commercially available products in cooperation with KT. This product provides services by level (Basic, Standard, and Enterprise) according to the customer’s network environment and budget for system introduction. Currently, we are receiving good responses from Korean financial institutions and a number of local government agencies, so we expect good results within the year.”

SecuLetter’s other products, “SecuLetter Email Security” and “SecuLetter File Security” are actively being used by major national institutions, financial institutions, and companies, including KEPCO E&C, Korea Post Information Center, KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency), BNK Busan Bank, KAMCO (Korea Asset Management Corporation), KSD (Korea Securities Depository), Ulsan Port Authority, and UBASE.