Secure Code Warrior and Okta Partners to create a new solution to protect developer workflows

Secure Code Warrior and Okta collaborate to create a new solution to protect developer workflows

Secure Code Warrior , a global leader in developer-driven security, today unveiled an exciting addition to the Okta integration network. Okta , the leading independent provider of identity solutions, and Secure Code Warrior have collaborated to offer a new solution: the Secure Code Warrior (SCW) Connector for Okta Workflows, which enables organizations and developers to write secure code from the beginning of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

By prioritizing security, companies can design an identity workflow that protects builds from the beginning of the cycle, with the flexibility to authorize access to the GitHub repository only to security-competent developers. Thus, companies can promote a safety-first culture, while SCW’s learning platform enables developers to comply with these standards and requirements. Companies have implemented this solution across their application, security, and engineering teams to provide this additional layer of security.

Preventing insecure code and ensuring better access control during software development remains a major need for industries across all sectors. Meanwhile, developers recognize the importance of delivering secure software applications, but must grapple with the problem of prioritizing the various priorities. According to a recently published survey titled “The State of Developer-Driven Security Survey, 2022” , 67% knowingly left vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their code, and lack of time and a cohesive approach were cited as the top two obstacles for the adoption of secure coding practices.

“This new solution will help organizations reduce the risk of developers writing insecure code by ensuring that employees are up to date on the latest vulnerabilities and secure coding techniques. Thanks to our joint work with Okta on a security competency, AppSec directors can be confident that the team will deliver secure code without moving developers out of their workflow Now leaders can focus on their overall strategic initiatives to improve the company’s security posture without sacrificing quality or time,” explained Pieter Danhieux, Co-Founder and General Manager of Secure Code Warrior.

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“Okta Workflows provides a no-code and low-code methodology for automating identity-centric processes at scale. Being an early adopter of the Workflows Connector Builder, we are excited to have the new Secure Code Warrior connector in the Okta integration network, which goes beyond SSO and provisioning to facilitate advanced integration workflows. Developers can be sure that their knowledge of secure code is up-to-date and relevant to the code they are submitting,” said David Shackelford, Senior Director at Okta.

The Secure Code Warrior connector for Okta workflows uses the core components of both companies’ technology platforms to benefit both enterprises and developers:

  • With preconfigured actions, developer teams can quickly build desired workflows in a no-code or low-code environment, without going through the hassle of getting into the complexities of API calls.
  • Once the workflow is ready, it will run automatically and can be customized based on frequency.
  • Secure Code Warrior’s learning platform provides developer assessment score and course completion status information, so teams can have the information they need to determine their level of security skills when writing code.
  • Companies have the flexibility to only give security-savvy developers access to the GitHub repository

Building and automating secure developer workflows is now easier than ever with this new industry solution from Secure Code Warrior and Okta. The Secure Code Warrior connector for Okta workflows can be found.

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