Secure Logiq Partners With Gaichu Managed Services To Support Their Solutions And Services Globally

Secure Logiq partners with Gaichu Managed Services to support their solutions and services globally

Gaichu Managed Services, a leading global provider of managed IT services, is pleased to announce a partnership with Secure Logiq, the industry’s leading independent manufacturer of IT hardware, optimized for HD Surveillance applications.

Historically Secure Logiq supported UK and mainland Europe onsite warranty visits themselves and another third party further afield.

The company exports to 40 countries across 6 continents and it is continuously expanding its global footprint. Due to COVID restrictions and logistical difficulties Secure Logiq needed to find a better solution for servicing the customers.

Under this agreement Gaichu will back Secure Logiq’s solutions and services to its customers globally, including NBD (Next Business Day) support of Secure Logiq’s OEM warranty hardware. This will involve testing and fault diagnostics, remote support and replacing hardware when necessary.

Gaichu delivers custom and agile business services in the IT industry with a high degree of technical knowledge from expert bilingual consultants, including field services on flexible SLA’s and OEM technology support.

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By leveraging a network of over 1,200 fully qualified and trained engineers in more than 160 countries around the world, Gaichu will complement Secure Logiq’s service offerings. Gaichu offers customized end-to-end solutions with unique central management at a consistent, high-quality level.

“We are delighted that Gaichu has become a value-added partner of Secure Logiq’s security solutions, helping protect and connect businesses and people. As a trusted global partner, Gaichu will provide local field technicians on an NBD basis to attend customer sites.” says Al Hay, CEO and founder of Gaichu Managed Services.

Robin Hughes, Co-founder & Evangelist of Secure Logiq says: “We really liked the flexibility and simplicity of Gaichu’s approach to support. At Secure Logiq we make products for mission critical applications with multiple layers of additional resilience as standard. Our inbuilt health monitoring utility, Logiqal Healthcheck, lets customers know immediately if anything untoward is going on with their hardware so that Gaichu’s engineers can arrive pre-armed with the knowledge of what is wrong and with any replacement component they might need on hand, reducing the time, cost and risk of any support visit. As a team we believe that we will be able to offer the best level of next day support amongst any of our peers in the Enterprise Surveillance arena.”

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