Security, Speed, and Power: TLS v1.3 Upgrade Brings All Three to Ayyeka IoT Solutions

Security_ Speed_ and Power TLS v1.3 Upgrade Brings All Three to Ayyeka IoT Solutions

Industrial Internet of Things company, Ayyeka, provides remote monitoring services to critical utilities in the water, wastewater, and energy industries worldwide. From its inception, Ayyeka prioritizes cybersecurity protections in every aspect of the comprehensive hardware-software solution.  Ayyeka is proud to be the first to bring the most stringent, updated cybersecurity protocols to IIoT.

Cyber-attacks threaten the world’s most critical services. A recent announcement from the White House prioritizes improving cybersecurity. While many battery-powered IoT solutions are acutely exposed to cyber threats, Ayyeka is an outlier – secured by design and the first to bring TLS v1.3 to the market.

“Resilience in critical utilities goes beyond the operational tools that improve the functionality of infrastructure,” said Ariel Stern, CEO and co-founder of Ayyeka. “Resilience in a broader sense must guarantee this improved functionality is designed to withstand brute cyberthreats. Whether motivated by ransomware or malicious intent, conducted by independent hacker groups or covert government cyber operatives, the Ayyeka solution is the most cyber secure option in the industry.”

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In addition to stronger encryption methods, the TLS v1.3 protocol brings increased communication efficiency, which increases the battery-life of IIoT edge devices. This results in lower operational costs for a double benefit.

“Ayyeka constantly strives for excellence: in both functionality and security,” said Yair Poleg, CTO and co-founder of Ayyeka. “TLS is the golden standard for cyber-secure data exchange in today’s digital era. Ayyeka is proud to be the first in the industry to offer the most robust protection by implementing the newest standards. Our customers – and those reliant on the critical services they provide – should not compromise for anything less.”

Now more than ever, critical utilities rely on technological tools to provide consistent, quality services. Ensuring security against cyber threats should be the highest priority list for any decision-maker, operational or technical. Ayyeka strives to make its advanced cybersecurity embedded solutions accessible to any hard infrastructure player across verticals and geographics.

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