SecurityScorecard Partners With CyberShare To Provide Small Broadband Member Companies Complimentary Access To Cybersecurity Risk Ratings

SecurityScorecard Partners with CyberShare to Provide Small Broadband Member Companies Complimentary Access to Cybersecurity Risk Ratings

SecurityScorecard, the global leader in security ratings, and the NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association announced today they have partnered and will provide complimentary access to the SecurityScorecard Cybersecurity Risk Ratings platform for all companies participating in CyberShare: The Small Broadband Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC), a cyberthreat information sharing program created especially for small broadband companies.

The partnership aligns with CyberShare’s mission to promote the resiliency and continuity of operation of small broadband providers across the United States by collecting and disseminating threat information, indicators and mitigation strategies from a variety of public and private sources and facilitating communications among participants.

CyberShare members can use their complimentary SecurityScorecard enterprise platform license to monitor the security risk of their own organization and up to five companies they rely on to run their respective businesses.

This critical information will support members in identifying, understanding and managing the cyber weaknesses and vulnerabilities that exist in their first party environments and across their respective supply chains.

In addition to the offer for members, CyberShare will be given a SecurityScorecard license that it can use to monitor and understand the cybersecurity posture of its members and to perform value-add member services like benchmarking.

“We are excited to support our CyberShare participants in securing their networks with the SecurityScorecard solution,” said NTCA General Counsel and VP of Policy, Jill Canfield. “As operators of broadband networks, participants wrestle with complex and evolving supply chains and a need to continuously monitor and understand the cyber posture of their own environments as well as suppliers they rely on to run their respective businesses.

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The SecurityScorecard solution will support small broadband providers as they work to modernize and enhance their supply chain capabilities as well their ability to monitor and secure their own companies.”

Rural communities constitute a significant portion of the U.S. population, and the global pandemic has shown the importance of building and sustaining high-speed broadband access for all communities across the country, regardless of size. Securing small broadband providers helps ensure that every household is able to remain connected for critical functions such as remote learning and work.

“Small companies don’t often enjoy the same resources and support as their larger counterparts,” said Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and co-founder of SecurityScorecard. “SecurityScorecard is proud to build on our commitment of making the world a safer place by providing critical services to help secure broadband networks at a time when society is counting on them more than ever.”

SecurityScorecard works with a variety of ISACs (critical infrastructure information sharing organizations that share cybersecurity-related tips and offers for members) including H-ISAC, Auto-ISAC, RH-ISAC and many more. With millions of companies rated, SecurityScorecard is the global industry leader in security ratings. SecurityScorecard collects and analyzes global threat signals that allow organizations to have instant visibility into the security posture of vendors and business partners as well as the capability to do a self-assessment of their own security posture. The technology continuously monitors 10 groups of risk factors to instantly deliver an easy-to-understand ‘A-F’ rating.

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