SecurityScorecard To Offer Comprehensive Cybersecurity Ratings And Remediation Intelligence To Users Of EY BRETA Platform

SecurityScorecard to Offer Comprehensive Cybersecurity Ratings and Remediation Intelligence to Users of EY BRETA Platform

SecurityScorecard, a global leader in cybersecurity ratings, has announced that it will start providing users of EY BRETA (Business Relationship Economics Threat Analysis) with access to best-in-class cybersecurity ratings.

EY BRETA is designed to identify potential threats, enabling organizations to develop effective pre-emptive mitigation strategies. SecurityScorecard will deliver cybersecurity vulnerability monitoring, ratings and remediation guidance that can help users understand potential cyber threats emanating from their business relationships and enable them to contextualize and prioritize threat indicators.

Security ratings represent a core component of the EY BRETA threat ratings service and help to address critical third-party risk concerns for CISOs and executive teams.

SecurityScorecard takes an outside-in view of a company’s security posture by seeing what a hacker sees. The company’s technology uses non-intrusive proprietary data collection methods, as well as trusted commercial and open-source threat feeds to continuously monitor 10 risk factor groups and instantly deliver an easy-to-understand A-F rating.

Having scored millions of companies globally, SecurityScorecard focuses on providing a single view of cyber risk that includes self-assessment and comprehensive vendor ecosystem risk management.

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This empowers organizations to improve their own security posture while immediately identifying and prioritizing high-risk third parties for assessment and remediation, ultimately leading to a more secure environment.

“SecurityScorecard is elevating its mission to make the world a safer place by providing users of EY BRETA full and continuous access to the industry’s most comprehensive security ratings,” said Bill Hogan, chief revenue officer at SecurityScorecard. “By continuously deploying our advanced cyber risk identification and assessment service, we are enabling near real-time threat identification in EY BRETA providing clients the ability to understand and react to the continually changing threat landscape.”

“Businesses now more than ever need to make faster, more informed decisions to prioritize and accelerate responses to the threats that exist across their entire business relationship ecosystem,” said John Burns, Global EY BRETA Leader. “Access to security ratings is a key component of that.”

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