ServicePower and PlusOne Solutions, Inc. Collaborate to Provide Best-In-Class Compliance, Credentialing, and Risk Management


ServicePower, a leading field service management software company, and PlusOne Solutions, an independent contractor compliance leader, today announced a partnership to help field service organizations manage risk and improve compliance. This collaboration enables large networks of field service contractors and vendors to streamline background checks, TIN verification, Certificates of Insurance capture and tracking, license management, and more.

As a result of the partnership, ServicePower will add full-service compliance and risk management solutions to its existing suite for independent contractor onboarding, dispatch, and claims. In addition, it will offer actively managed compliance to further reduce risk for customers and the ServicePower Premier Provider Network (SPPN).  ServicePower can also provide easier data exchange, greater transparency, and 24/7 access to compliance data to reduce risk.

“We believe partnering with ServicePower, together with our customers, results in a leading solution for improving work safety and efficiency for organizations that leverage contracted technicians,” said Craig Reilly, CEO & president, PlusOne Solutions. “The team at PlusOne Solutions welcomes the opportunity to not only offer our current services, but also to design programs to meet ServicePower’s’ specific needs going forward.”

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“ServicePower is dedicated to streamlining all aspects of field service management for our customers, including how to best manage documentation related to credentialing, compliance and risk mitigation,” said Frank Gelbart, CEO, ServicePower. “This partnership will enhance our customers’ oversight and management of their independent contractor networks, as PlusOne Solutions complement and enhance our own platform, with seamless, confidential, real-time data exchange to better manage large networks of field service professionals.”

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