Sixgill Announces Investment by CrowdStrike Falcon Fund

strategic investment

Sixgill and CrowdStrike will also collaborate to enhance how enterprises stay ahead of emerging threats

Sixgill, a leader in threat intelligence enablement and enrichment, announced today that CrowdStrike, a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint protection, has made a strategic investment in Sixgill through the CrowdStrike Falcon Fund. The CrowdStrike Falcon Fund is an early-stage investment fund formed by CrowdStrike in partnership with Accel Partners that focuses on investments in companies that develop applications that have the potential for substantial contribution to CrowdStrike and its platform. In addition to the investment, the two companies will pursue initiatives to offer joint customers enhanced threat intelligence capabilities.

“CrowdStrike’s backing is a major acknowledgment of the strength of Sixgill’s capabilities and expertise,” said Sharon Wagner, Sixgill chief executive officer. “CrowdStrike understood the value that our industry-leading contextual intelligence was brought to the market. This investment validates our approach to actionable and automated intelligence and marks the next step in the evolution of agile and preemptive threat response.”

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“The security industry continues to undergo a huge transformation as legacy vendors with on-premises and hybrid solutions are forced into extinction by remote workforces and cloud applications. We’re focused on identifying those startups that are defining modern cybersecurity by enhancing how enterprises stay ahead of emerging sophisticated threats,” said Michael Sentonas, chief technology officer at CrowdStrike. “Sixgill’s automated data collection and analysis provide deep and accurate threat intelligence, delivering context to drive preemptive security responses that stop breaches in their tracks.”

Sixgill’s advanced collection and threat intelligence products and services fuel real-time incident response, data-driven investigations, and dynamic threat analysis to help companies accelerate security operations in the face of an ever-accelerating cadence of malicious hacks.

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“The modern cybersecurity environment produces an overwhelming tide of threats that are automated, sophisticated, and quite frequently available at scale through dark web marketplaces,” notes Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst and fellow at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “Consequently, reacting to attacks as they occur isn’t enough. Security teams need the real-time, automated surveillance of malicious threat activity that Sixgill can provide to match the speed and severity of the attackers.”