Soliton Systems Revolutionises Authentication with Soliton OneGate: Multi-Factor Authentication Enhanced by Digital Certificates

Soliton Systems Revolutionises Authentication with Soliton OneGate: Multi-Factor Authentication Enhanced by Digital Certificates

Soliton System, a market leader in IT security, is proud to unveil its new solution: Soliton OneGate.

Soliton OneGate introduces a cutting-edge approach to authentication for network level and cloud application access, streamlining user identities and ensuring secure, unified, password-free authentication.

Soliton OneGate is a paradigm shift in authentication methods, leveraging digital certificates and multi-factor authentication. Utilising X.509 certificates and the build-in Certificate Authority, Soliton OneGate ensures secure access through mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS), bolstering security measures. Each organisation maintains sovereignty over its dedicated Certificate Authority (CA), adding a layer of control to both network and cloud access.

An Uncompromising Approach to Security

Recent predictions from Gartner indicate a worrying trend – by 2023, a staggering 73% of security breaches are projected to stem from inadequately managed identities, access, and privileges, a significant rise from 50% in 2020. As the threat landscape evolves, Soliton Systems rises to the occasion with Soliton OneGate, offering a robust and streamlined solution that redefines authentication protocols.

Hans-Peter Ponten, Product Manager at Soliton System explains: “Soliton OneGate goes beyond traditional authentication mechanisms by federating and provisioning cloud services, granting efficient access while maintaining airtight authentication standards. This integration extends to Network Access Control (NAC) within company networks, allowing seamless and secure entry into Wired, Wi-Fi, and VPN networks.”

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The Power of Soliton OneGate: Key Features and Benefits

Soliton OneGate offers a holistic approach to security, boasting a single authentication method that optimises security and efficiency. This approach facilitates the consolidation of cloud services and streamlines access while fortifying authentication procedures. With password-free two-factor authentication, Soliton OneGate perfectly balances security and user convenience.

Key benefits of Soliton OneGate include:

  • Unified Identity Management: Centralised identity management, single sign-on, provisioning, password management, directory consolidation, strong authentication, role management, and audit/compliance are simplified through Soliton OneGate’s one-point approach.
  • Effortless Logins: Soliton OneGate’s unified identity solution simplifies user management across diverse systems. Single sign-on, provisioning, and password management are streamlined through consistent policies, while robust authentication mechanisms ensure secure access control.
  • Enhanced Usability: Users enjoy password-free entry to networks and cloud services, unlocking unparalleled usability. This access is fortified by invisible user certificates and options like FIDO2, allowing multi-factor authentication without the reliance on passwords.

Witness Soliton OneGate’s Transformative Power

Soliton Systems invites organisations to experience the future of authentication first hand. See Soliton OneGate in action and witness how it revolutionises identity management and access security.

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