Solvo welcomes IT and cybersecurity leader Sylvie Veilleux to its advisory board

Solvo welcomes IT and cybersecurity leader Sylvie Veilleux to its advisory board-01

Solvo, provider of a developer-centric security platform, announced today that Sylvie Veilleux, former CIO at Dropbox, will join its advisory board.

Veilleux brings with her more than 30 years of IT infrastructure, management and cybersecurity experience, having served in executive positions at some of the world’s leading technology vendors, including Dropbox, Mozilla, Salesforce, Apple, Oracle and others. In recent years she had also been a member of board of directors and advisory boards in technology-driven global companies, organizations and investment firms, among them Cinchy, Europcar Mobility Group, Data Collaboration Alliance, Accel, Lightspeed Venture Partner and more.

As Dropbox’s first Chief Information Officer, Veilleux orchestrated the buildout of key data platforms, business technology, infrastructure and processes, needed to support the scale and growth of the organization, and the changing compliance requirements associated with becoming a public company. As part of manifesting these goals, Veilleux created Dropbox’s first global strategic and centralized IT organization.

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Before joining Dropbox, Veilleux served as VP Enterprise Information Technology and Security at Mozilla, where she was in charge of modernizing and moving to the cloud more than 400 company-wide business applications and infrastructure services, while establishing modern enterprise security functions and services as part of the company’s corporate infrastructure and business technology capabilities.

“Integrating a cybersecurity mindset from the early stages of the development phases is critical in building products and services which need to provide ongoing availability to users while keeping their data safe,” said Veilleux. “This is the kind of interwoven mindset which fuels Solvo, and as someone who had spent most of my career so far dealing with the creation and operation of pre-cloud and cloud application and data infrastructure and processes, I am happy to work with Solvo in making developers’ lives easier by helping them stay focused on creating, and letting Solvo take care of securing these creations.”

“We’re looking forward to work with and learn from Sylvie’s knowledge and experience, both as a technology leader and as a business-minded executive,” added Shira Shamban, Solvo’s co-founder and CEO. “Companies migrating to the cloud and building cloud-native platforms have their hands full with recreating the cloud-equivalent processes of their existing operations, or building the infrastructure and applications for new types of services, and the need to keep these environments and derived products secure from erroneous or malicious cybersecurity breaches requires additional investment and expertise. Having experienced this challenge ourselves, we founded Solvo to provide organizations with an automated solution to secure their development phases – and we are fortunate to have Sylvie join us in this effort.”

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