Sotero and NVISNx Announce Integration Partnership

Sotero and NVISNx Announce Integration Partnership

Sotero, a leading data security company today announced that it has partnered with NVISNx, a leading data risk governance (DRG) solution provider. NVISNx will integrate its platform that correlates business data with cyber controls to identify and protect all critical data with Sotero’s data security platform, creating a unified solution that address the unmet need for identifying, classifying and protecting an organization’s critical data assets while eliminating the need, cost and risk of storing unused data. With NVISNx, companies can identify and classify all of their data and then optimize data access, governance policies and cyber controls for their most critical assets. Sotero then enables the continuous protection of these assets and provides the enforcement for governance and access.

It is my pleasure to announce that Soteros revolutionary data governance and security capabilities will be able to be accessed from within NVISNxs data risk governance (DRG) platform. By integrating with Sotero, NVISNx customers can not only identify and monitor all critical data, they can also quickly secure and govern access control to that data,” said Purandar Das, Co-Founder and CEO of Sotero.

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Business and security leaders are overwhelmed by the amount of data in their organization and the need to protect their most critical assets. They struggle to identify sensitive data, to control access, and keep data protected at all times while still maximizing the value of it. Data sprawl, lack of visibility, and lack of auditability put businesses at risk, including monetary, compliance, reputational and operational risk.

“NVISNx’s first-to-market data risk governance platform enables companies to make data-driven decisions to optimize controls for protecting critical data, while also purging files that no longer holds business value and is at end of life. Through our partnership with Sotero, our customers will have a more complete view of where their critical data is stored with a very user-friendly experience in knowing that it’s truly protected,” said Glen Day, Founder and CEO of NVISNx. 

With NVISNx and Sotero’s next-generation technology, organizations are now able to have a operational framework from enterprise-wide data inventory to data security by classifying all data no matter where it is and having the ability to keep the data encrypted at all times, regardless of location, while enforcing governance and access control.

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