Spectrotel Expands Suite of Cybersecurity Solutions

Spectrotel Expands Suite of Cybersecurity Solutions


Company adds new services to include robust detection and response capabilities.

Spectrotel, Inc. (Spectrotel), a leading provider of integrated communication services to SMBs and Enterprises, including voice, network, cloud, managed services, security, and next-generation aggregation, announced today the expansion of their cybersecurity portfolio with a new suite of services that are critical to enterprises trying to mitigate their risk in today’s world of rapidly evolving threats and growing threat vectors.

Spectrotel has long supported security requirements for customer networks with Managed Firewall services and remote access to corporate networks through traditional client Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).  As a level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider, Spectrotel also supports customer PCI certification requirements, with vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and ongoing surveillance and threat hunting through its Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system and its Security Operations Center (SOC).  With today’s announcement, Spectrotel is bringing these expanded security capabilities to customers and is introducing additional services to provide the hand-crafted, comprehensive security solutions customers need to defend against today’s security challenges.

“We recognize that customers need a holistic Cybersecurity approach to deal with today’s aggressive and persistent threats,” said Ross Artale, President and Chief Operating Officer, Spectrotel.  “The services we are announcing today, provide that holistic approach and are consistent with the Cybersecurity Framework1, as defined by the National Institute of Technologies, which not only provides for perimeter protection, but also includes identification, detection, response and recovery.  Companies can no longer protect the network perimeter and be confident they are secure.  Breaches occur, and companies must be able to detect and respond to those breaches immediately.”

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The latest offerings from Spectrotel further their commitment to provide enterprise customers a much-needed single source for the next-generation solutions that will power the digital transformation of enterprises into the future. Spectrotel Security solutions include the following services:

  • Vulnerability Scanning Service uses specialized software tools to examine customer networks for security weaknesses that could be exploited to breach the network. Scans can be performed across external and/or internal network devices, such as servers, web applications, databases and other assets on-premises or in cloud environments.
  • Penetration Testing Service simulates real-world attacks upon customer networks by a motivated external party attempting to gain unauthorized access to internal customer networks, data and applications through Internet-accessible infrastructure. It tests the detection and response capabilities of the customers’ people, processes, and technology to identify where vulnerabilities exist.
  • SIEM-as-a-Service provides organizations all the benefits needed from a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system without any of the headaches or capital investment. It provides a security management solution, fully hosted in a secure and compliant data center, to manage and monitor critical systems for suspicious activity indicative of breaches.
  • SOC-as-a-Service provides SOC monitoring and response, supported by security analysts who perform daily review of customer logs and notifications, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each day’s review is tracked and logged for regulatory compliance reporting. If high priority incidents are found during the daily review, a manual notification is sent to the customer immediately. SOC services are provided by Spectrotel through its SOC at Neptune, NJ, and in partnership with StratoZen through its SOC at Draper, UT.
  • Endpoint Protection (EPP) Service, based on Fortinet’s FortiClient technology, extends firewall protection to endpoints regardless of where they are located. It includes anti-malware protection, vulnerability detection and patching, web filtering, anti-exploit, application firewall, and optional sandbox detection.
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Service takes endpoint security to the next level. Whereas, traditional antivirus protects against known threats, Spectrotel EDR, based on Fortinet’s FortiEDR technology, adds behavior-based, machine-learning techniques for real-time detection to identify and block previously unknown (zero-day) threats. Unique to Fortinet’s technology is its ability to respond to stop breaches and ransomware damage in real-time, and then automatically recover from the attack through remediation techniques to reset processes and data to pre-infection state.
  • Managed EDR Service provides a fully managed solution for endpoints with Spectrotel Security Operations Center (SOC) support to provide ongoing security analysis, including forensic investigation and threat hunting to identify threats across devices, and to support responses and remediation after security events. For customers who choose to manage the service through their own SOC, Spectrotel EDR provides a comprehensive portal with customizable playbooks and automated policies to meet the unique security needs of each customer environment.
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA) Service adds a secure token to network access services to minimize breach risk from unauthorized access.
    Centralized management, logging, and reporting provide a company-wide view across all devices.
  • Cybersecurity Training Service is an essential element of employee development to raise security awareness and protect against breaches resulting from inadvertent employee actions that open the network or business to cybercriminals. A click on a malicious link in an email, a visit to a fake website, or a naive response to a spear phishing attack could cause considerable harm through theft of data and trade secrets, theft of monetary assets, damage to corporate systems, or loss of critical data. Cybersecurity Training is critical to minimize these risks.

“With the redeployment of company workforces to Work from Home (WFH), bad actors have increased their attacks to exploit the new vulnerabilities in cyber defenses,” said John Longo, Spectrotel Director of Product Management.  “Organizations know they need to do more, but the cybersecurity landscape can be confusing to sort through. Spectrotel has been investing resources to understand our customer’s cybersecurity needs, to help them assess and evaluate potential gaps, and to provide solutions that can fill those gaps.”

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“The Spectrotel’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is the nerve center, where we pull together security event information across all security tools, including EPP, EDR, Threat Feeds, Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing, as well as events across a host of network devices through the SIEM,” said Anthony Castilho, Spectrotel Network Security Manager. “Our security analysts perform detailed analysis and threat hunting on behalf of our customers to provide robust detection and response capabilities to eliminate potential breaches as quickly as possible.”

Spectrotel security services are available individually or in customized solutions to provide Managed Detection and Response protection along with traditional Managed Firewalls, which provide perimeter protection as the first line of defense.

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