Stamus Networks Announces Integrations with Incident Response, SOAR, and Enterprise Messaging Systems

Stamus Networks Announces

New capability allows Scirius Security Platform to send high-fidelity threat event notifications directly to enterprise systems

Stamus Networks, a fast-growing cybersecurity software company, today announced it now offers a powerful new capability to integrate its Scirius Security Platform with the world’s leading security orchestration automation and response (SOAR), incident response, and enterprise messaging systems via its high-fidelity Scirius Threat outgoing webhooks. This capability is included in the latest U36 software release.

The integration is made possible by the advanced threat- and asset-based detection introduced in the company’s Scirius Threat Radar earlier this year. This breakthrough eliminates noisy alerts and warns security personnel only when something meaningful happens on the network. With the outgoing webhook system, Scirius Threat Radar is able to send push notifications of these important warnings — called “Scirius Threats” — to any external system that supports standard HTTP calls.

“In the old model, you would not dare to sign up to receive a notification each time one of the typical noisy alerts is triggered,” said Ken Gramley, chief executive officer of Stamus Networks. “But when you reduce the number of events to only a handful of very high-fidelity threat events, it becomes incredibly useful to integrate these notifications into your workflow and use them to trigger automated responses.”

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In addition to the webhook integrations, U36 software release includes a number of enhancements to Scirius Security Platform that streamline threat hunting and incident investigation.

With the Scirius Threat detection and webhook integrations in Scirius Threat Radar, organizations can more quickly identify the critical active threats targeting their assets and accelerate incident response.