Stellar Cyber Announces Red Team Toolkit Helping Security Analysts Verify Effectiveness of Detections Across NDR, EDR and SIEM


Toolkit Adds Cyberattack Generator to Prove Ability to Thwart Attacks over the Entire Cyber Kill Chain

Stellar Cyber, the innovator of Open XDR, the only cohesive intelligent security platform that delivers maximum protection, today announced a new toolkit customer can use to verify the platform’s functionality by launching a wide variety of cyberattacks against it. The Red Team toolkit is an offensive attack generator that ‘red team’ (offensive) security analysts can use to test the Stellar Cyber Open-XDR platform’s ability to defend against the latest attacks. When the ‘blue team’ (defensive) analysts detect a weakness in their defenses, they can usually reconfigure the Stellar Cyber platform to remedy them.

Being able to conduct attack testing is part of Stellar Cyber’s journey to an intelligent SOC, where customers first aggregate the tools they need to spot attacks throughout the entire kill chain. Wise security analysts always want to test their tools to make sure they’ll be effective under the latest attack scenarios. In traditional cybersecurity tools, stress-testing the system to verify functionality under new attack scenarios is a complex and time-consuming process that involves a lot of custom coding. With Stellar Cyber’s Toolkit, the process is much simpler because the Stellar Cyber platform brings together data of existing tools into one data lake, making cross-tool analysis possible from a single pane of glass.

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“The smartest security teams are constantly testing their security solutions to verify their ability to defend against the ever-changing cyberattacks, like testing your smoke detector regularly,” said Iker Simsir, Director of Product Management at Stellar Cyber. “Our Red Team Toolkit makes this process much easier and more productive by having a holistic view over the entire cyber kill chain.”