Stellar Cyber, Innovator of Open XDR, Announces Strategic Partnership with ITSDI

Stellar Cyber_ Innovator of Open XDR_ Announces Strategic Partnership with ITSDI-01

Stellar Cyber, the innovator of Open XDR – the only intelligent, next-gen security operations platform – has partnered with ITSDI in the Philippines to bring modern attack protection and remediation to customers in the region. Stellar Cyber is recognized as the leading platform for making security operations easy and cost-effective.

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Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform delivers

  • The first XDR Kill Chain™ which incorporates both the Lockheed Martin Cyber kill chain and the MITRE ATT&CK kill chain to expand the platform’s ability to spot both internal and external attacks across the entire enterprise infrastructure.
  • An AI engine that automatically groups alerts into correlated incidents from across all security tools (both existing and Stellar Cyber’s) to report high-fidelity alerts quickly and automatically respond to modern attacks.

“Stellar Cyber brings high efficiency and productivity in combatting threats by easily tracing and managing cyber-threats at every stage of a modern attack,” said Dennis Domingo, Vice President of ITSDI. “Stellar Cyber’s platform allows us to bring compelling value to our existing breadth of customers and channels in terms of risk management, performance, productivity and lower costs.”

“By creating a new attack model that puts ‘kill’ back into the concept of kill chain and integrating it with our Open XDR platform, we decisively reduce the odds of security teams being on the losing end of a cyberattack,” said Rossan delos Reyes, Country Sales Manager at Stellar Cyber. “In addition, with the XDR Kill Chain woven into our platform, customers can improve their risk management, increase analyst productivity and lower costs now more than ever.”

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