StorageOS Joins Data on Kubernetes Community as Silver Sponsor

StorageOS Joins Data on Kubernetes Community as Silver Sponsor

StorageOS, the leading Kube-native storage platform, today announced that it has joined The Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC), an openly governed community for data on Kubernetes, as a Silver Sponsor.

As companies migrate more business critical applications onto Kubernetes, DevOps teams and Platform Engineers are becoming the new controllers of enterprise data. This can open up enterprises to massive new risks, but offers equally large opportunities for storage innovation, freedom and cost savings,” said Alex Chircop, CEO of StorageOS. “The DoKC is an open, collaborative community at the heart of this movement. These are exactly the people StorageOS is working to serve.”

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The DoK Community was founded in June 2020 to bring practitioners together to share their experiences in running Data on Kubernetes. Today, the DoKC hosts more than 4,000 individual members across its Slack and LinkedIn channels, and has held close to 100 meetups ranging from how Adobe operates stateful applications on Kubernetes across multiple data centers and regions to practical questions such as how to deploy production-ready Postgres to Kubernetes.

It recently announced the schedule for the second DoK Day at KubeCon North America 2021 including talks from enterprises including, Flipkart, Macquarie Bank, Sourcegraph, Zalando, and others.

As Silver Sponsors, StorageOS is seeking to fuel open collaboration and knowledge sharing in the way data is handled on Kubernetes:

“The more innovation we see in this space, the greater the demand will be for StorageOS technology. We offer Kube-native technology that delivers data freedom and control; we enable innovation and allow new workloads to be brought onto Kubernetes; and we give our users independence from storage vendors and cloud provider lock-in,” Chircop said.

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