Syxsense Announces New Vulnerability Dashboard as Demand for Securing Remote Workers Surges


Syxsense has announced the release of vulnerability dashboards, which shows an IT environment’s exposed risk for both software patches and security vulnerabilities

Syxsense, a global leader in IT and security management solutions, announces the availability of vulnerability dashboards, which shows an IT environment’s exposed risk for both software patches and security vulnerabilities. Within the vulnerability dashboards, Syxsense provides an immediate path to resolution and reduction of attack surface.

By providing telemetry of what is active and vulnerable at the endpoint level, Syxsense helps customers focus their remediation efforts on that which is actionable and manageable.

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Vulnerability dashboard views include:

  • Overall environment with buttons to see open security issues, patch devices, details on the most needed patches or security families that leave devices most vulnerable.
  • See exactly the vulnerabilitiespatches and security issues on an individual device.
  • View overall security details by family.  Easily browse to Antivirus, backdoor, crypto mining and many other families. Syxsense categorizes risk to aid investigating and eliminating threats.