Syxsense Announces Server And Device Monitoring

Syxsense Announces Server and Device Monitoring

Syxsense, a global leader in IT and security management solutions, today announced the availability of Server and Device Monitoring for Syxsense Secure customers. As part of its Syxsense Cortex technology of logic, approvals and actions, Syxsense Secure offers workflows to monitor the CPU, RAM and Diskspace Usage on any devices managed within an organization.

Designed to pinpoint issues and identify potential downtime, Cortex’s customizable drag and drop user interface provides actions to alert and remediate without complex scripting.

Syxsense Secure allows IT departments to set health monitoring thresholds that alert on CPU, RAM or Disk Space usage spikes, or look for sustained peaks over an evaluation period. Once published as a policy, the Health Threshold Job constantly monitors for relevant changes.

With granular control over the percentage and duration of usage, each stage may trigger new actions in a defined escalation path. First tier may trigger alerts and send out emails with details of the problem.

After alerting, a next stage can automatically restart processes or services, and safely verify they are back up and running. Automatically clear disk space by choosing from a variety temporary files and directories in the “Disk Cleanup” Job step.

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By inserting an approval step, server management teams may pause any action until the corrective steps are reviewed. Actions can then be triggered or deferred from the Syxsense console on any web browser.

Designed to leverage industry expertise, and be available for instant distribution, Cortex Jobs automate previously complex IT and security tasks with pre-created templates that control and monitor progress through a series of clear, concise steps to identify, evaluate and remediate problems.

The visual workflow designer may be used immediately as designed or customized to fit business priorities. A completely extensible and editable solution, modified Syxsense Cortex Jobs may be instantly shared and run from the cloud solution.

The Server and Device Monitoring is included with Syxsense Secure at no additional cost. Syxsense is offering free, fully-featured trials for up to 100 devices for 14 days.

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