Tamr Launches ‘DataMasters’ a new podcast exploring data challenges and successes, as told by Data Leaders from the world’s largest organizations

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Tamr Launches 'DataMasters' a new podcast exploring data challenges and successes_ as told by Data Leaders from the world's largest organizations

Tamr announced the launch of DataMasters, a new podcast that features Chief Data Officers and data thought leaders. Each episode explores how these people overcame their biggest data challenges, and the hard lessons they learned along the way.

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In each episode, different  “Data Masters” share their unique advice and stories from their data journeys. Whether discussing how to build a data team from scratch, the role data plays in industries like pharma, entertainment, and manufacturing, or what’s next for the ever-evolving role of the CDO, each episode offers insights that listeners can use to help make their organization drive better business outcomes based on their data.

  • Episode 1: Nick Sinai, former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer for the Obama administration, explains how he created a data culture while overseeing the Open Data Initiative, which led to terabytes of government data being publicly released for use by the private sector.

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  • Episode 2Eric Iverson, former CIO of Sony Pictures and CIO and CTO at top talent agency Creative Artists Agency, explores the role data plays in the media and entertainment industry, and shares how data powers a complex supply chain that shapes the movie trailers you watch and the release date of the next blockbuster.