Thales and Gireve simplify the electric vehicle charging experience and offer reliable platforms for the deployment of smart grids

Thales and Gireve simplify the electric vehicle charging experience and offer reliable platforms for the deployment of smart grids

Gireve, the leading B2B digital platform for electric mobility, and Thales, a leading company in digital security, have collaborated to offer a simple and secure billing and access system: «Plug & Charge ». The joint solution, based on the trusted key manager, Trusted Key Manager, from Thales and the brokering platform from Gireve, improves the driver experience, builds trust in a multi-stakeholder ecosystem and also helps to comply with the international ISO standard 15118.

As the electric vehicle market expands rapidly, convenient access to charging networks becomes a priority. The current recharging network is still highly fragmented, often private and not available in enough places. A standardized and interoperable global solution is needed, as well as better management of the electricity supply.

Today every electromobility service provider (e-Mobility Service Provider, eMSP) offers electric vehicle drivers an RFID card to access and initiate a charging session. Gireve and Thales have partnered to create a harmonized solution called “Plug & Charge” to simplify the experience and ensure the highest level of safety for each and every participant in the electric vehicle market.

Drivers simply plug their electric car into any ISO 15118 compliant charging station, without using a physical card, and billing is automatically associated with the subscription they have managed. In this way, drivers can freely choose an electromobility service provider and access a greater number of charging stations, while benefiting from a secure automated charging and digital payment experience.

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With this solution, unique credential certificates are delivered to each part of the system, from the driver to the vehicle and the charging station. The system, based on Thales’ Trusted Key Manager, guarantees secure and instant mutual authentication between these actors. The solution also verifies that the correct credentials are securely generated and distributed from the appropriate electromobility provider to the associated vehicle and user. The result: a simpler and safer electric vehicle charging experience .

This mutual authentication and secure credential management also lay the foundation for a trusted environment for future smart grid deployments. As the electric vehicle market is expected to expand considerably in the coming years, so will the need for electricity. In fact, this increased need will require improved and secure energy management and supply to cope with peaks in energy demand.

 For almost a decade, Gireve has played a central and trusted role for B2B players in the recharge sector. Together with Thales, we are confident that our solution solves the key challenges to support the sustainable success of the electric vehicle ecosystem. Our joint efforts are focused on facilitating access to energy, providing confidence through cybersecurity and driving adoption among better-used drivers. ” Eric Plaquet, CEO of Gireve

“The Gireve project offered Thales a great opportunity to deploy its proven expertise in the field of strong authentication and cybersecurity in the smart charging market. Our association supports the sustainable electromobility sector, facilitating access to electric vehicle charging and creating the confidence that this activity needs to be successful. Going forward, our collaboration may open up other possibilities of use to support the development of smart grids with more efficient energy management. ” Christine Caviglioli, Thales Vice President of Automotive

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