ThreatModeler Transforms Automotive Security by Bringing Free, Industry-Specific Threat Models to its Growing Marketplace

ThreatModeler Transforms Automotive Security by Bringing Free, Industry-Specific Threat Models to its Growing Marketplace

ThreatModeler, a leader in threat modeling from design to code to cloud, today announced an expansion of its Threat Model Marketplace with the introduction of 18 cutting-edge threat models created specifically for the automotive industry. These innovative threat models are designed to transform how the automotive sector approaches security in an increasingly interconnected world.

Modern vehicles contain extensive software and connected hardware that is susceptible to threats, though the scope of vulnerability isn’t limited to vehicles alone. The integration of electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems adds to the attack surface through potential vulnerabilities in the charging systems and wireless communication links. The new threat models have been purpose-built to address the security challenges presented by this growing realm of threats. Encompassing vehicles, hardware, software, and numerous other assets within the automotive ecosystem, these models provide a comprehensive framework for identifying and mitigating potential cyber threats, from manufacturing and development to deployment and beyond.

Threat Model Marketplace was launched in January 2023 as a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity asset marketplace offering pre-built, field-tested threat models to be downloaded and incorporated into new and ongoing threat modeling initiatives. It allows enterprises to accelerate efforts to visualize attack surfaces, understand security requirements and prioritize steps to mitigate threats across environments. With the introduction of these 18 new threat models, Threat Model Marketplace is catering to the security challenges that are unique to the automotive industry.

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“Security has never been more critical for the automotive industry as a car’s software and connected devices become as important as – and a part of – its engine,” said Archie Agarwal, ThreatModeler Founder and CEO. “These new threat models provide a secure foundation for automotive manufacturers and suppliers to address potential vulnerabilities and mitigate risks to drivers, pedestrians and critical infrastructure. This is yet another crucial step in our mission to democratize DevSecOps across industries and disciplines.”

Threat Model Marketplace was designed to facilitate access to and the development of pre-built and vetted cybersecurity assets. The introduction of these new threat models showcases ThreatModeler’s commitment to accelerating proactive cyber risk management across industries and ensuring that security remains a chief consideration throughout the automotive software development lifecycle.

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