ThreatNG, New Digital Security Firm, Officially Launches

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ThreatNG, a new cybersecurity venture designed to protect entities of all sizes, from the largest Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and individual users, from threats on all levels of the web, officially launched today.

ThreatNG is redefining digital risk protection and external attack surface management with a platform of unmatched breadth, depth, and capabilities in managing threats across the dark, deep, and open web. Using the mantra “Security Centric, Not Security Exclusive,” ThreatNG provides a configurable solution to target, discover, and assess digital assets across a definable ecosystem of organizations, subsidiaries, partners, third parties, supply chain, and customers. ThreatNG understands the “digital sprawl” created by ever-growing data requirements, and has developed cross-discipline approaches to cybersecurity while demystifying and simplifying the process for their users.

ThreatNG was founded by Eric Gonzales, an innovator and recognized leader in the technology security industry for the past three decades. Mr. Gonzales has been at the helm of several of the most innovative security companies in the technology space throughout his career. He founded both Application Security, Inc. (AppSecInc) in 2001, which pioneered database security, risk, and compliance solutions for the enterprise; and DBSecure in 1998, a trailblazing database security software development company best known for developing the network-based, database vulnerability assessment solution called SQL Auditor.

“As more and more commerce goes online companies of all sizes face new and unique threats to their data, as well as the data that their customers entrust to them,” said Eric Gonzales, founder of ThreatNG. “We have developed nimble, innovative solutions to secure our customers’ digital presence through empowering them with automated discovery, assessment, and continuous monitoring of all of their assets the (Technical and Business) throughout the entire web.”

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As an organization grows, more data is generated, distributed, and found on the Internet, domains or subdomains, cloud infrastructure, social media posts, news stories, the Dark Web, and more. Organizations face a challenge staying up-to-date with the latest developments, harvesting relevant data, and ultimately analyzing it all. This ever-growing digital sprawl unearths an increasing number of threats manifesting every day and will continue to be a problem for a variety of reasons, most notably that existing solutions to identify and manage such threats are complicated, unviable, difficult to implement, and functionally siloed.

ThreatNG uncovers threats beyond the perimeter that exist across the open, deep, and dark web. The platform harvests, analyzes, and reports on Technical (Domain Information, Public Cloud Infrastructure, Certificates), Financial/Administrative (SEC Filings, Funding Rounds, Financial Reports, Lawsuits), Personnel (Sentiment, Layoffs, Social Media), and presence on the Dark Web. A comprehensive approach that provides a holistic and complete view of an organization’s external technical and business attack surface.

The company’s attitude towards customer security is perhaps best reflected in its mascot, DarcSight; The Protector of Nouns. DarcSight (which stands for Data Aggregation Reconnaissance Champion for Secure Information Gathering of Holistic Threats) and ThreatNG empower people and companies to safeguard their “nouns,” everything about themselves, where they belong, and what they do–people, places and things.

“Cybersecurity and the protection of your data does not have to be overly complicated or technical,” said Mr. Gonzales. “ThreatNG provides comprehensive solutions that ensure cybersecurity while also using language and practices that make the user feel more at home and comfortable with the solutions we offer. Like DarcSight, we are simply here to protect your nouns–the people, places and things that make you and your company leaders in their own field.”

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