TrustKey Solutions, a new entity headquartered in the United States, is focused on bringing advanced FIDO2 security solutions to the world

TrustKey Solutions, United States, FIDO2 security solutions
TrustKey Solutions_ a new entity headquartered in the United States_ is focused on bringing advanced FIDO2 security solutions to the world

Announcing TrustKey Solutions (“TrustKey”). eWBM is a diverse business of which FIDO security keys is just one part. Due to the surge in global demand for its FIDO security keys, the company is spinning off its FIDO key business into a new entity headquartered in the United States.

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TrustKey is founded by Dr. Stephen Oh and a carefully selected group of US-based executives. The team of executives are solely focused on bringing advanced FIDO2 security solutions to the world and will oversee growth into the global identity security marketplace.

TrustKey has several hardware security keys in its lineup including the flagship line, the G-series keys. The G-series keys are the world’s first and only FIDO2 Level2 certified biometric security keys, making it impossible for side-channel attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, or phishing. The biometric (fingerprint) sensor allows the added security of user identity verification to make them the highest level of security available. TrustKey offers the G-series keys in both USB-A and USB-C. The next line of keys is the T-series keys.

The T-series keys are implemented on the same platform as the G-Series series keys. This allows the company to provide the same high-security performance of the G-series while keeping the key affordable. The non-biometric touch sensor on the keys allows for user presence verification protecting against remote hacking attacks. T-series keys are great for consumer or enterprise deployment – they are fast, easy to use, and affordable.

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TrustKey is committed to supporting true passwordless login via the FIDO2 standard to help protect the online identities of all people, everywhere. The company is a board member of the fido alliance, ensuring that they are able to help shape the passwordless future and protect the identity of all people throughout the world. The company is pleased to move forward as TrustKey to support the goal of providing secure, reliable, and simple identity solutions to everyone, and are excited about the future products currently under development with new features and form factors.