TrustMAPP merges with Cisco Secure Cloud Insights Offering Continuous Cloud Posture with Cybersecurity Maturity and Quantified Remediation


TrustMAPP today announced a new integration with Cisco Secure Cloud Insights®, an industry-leading cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) platform. The partnership will make it easier for security teams to measure not only cloud posture but also generate a maturity posture with financial forecasting for remediation of identified risks and non-compliance of controls across cloud assets. Customers can alleviate the burden of regulatory and supply chain assessments while creating an accurate source for reporting both hybrid and cloud-native environments.

Chad Boeckmann, CEO of TrustMAPP, said, “By integrating with a platform like Cisco Secure Cloud Insights, TrustMAPP cybersecurity performance management provides customers the ability to gain more value out of existing investments while viewing their security posture across multifaceted control without the need to conduct more additional assessments. TrustMAPP continues to build integration across cloud ecosystems with best-of-breed products as we make the task of securing a modern enterprise easier across hybrid and cloud-exclusive environments.”

The combined solution provides a comprehensive understanding of your maturity of controls across your cloud asset footprint while providing the ability to measure non-technical controls and access a library of recommendations to drive control remediation.

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“Security leaders need integrated solutions like Secure Cloud Insights and TrustMAPP to drive meaningful decisions across their environments while taking into context compliance, risk, and maturity of control across cloud assets,” said Rajat Gulati, Product Management Leader for Cisco Secure Cloud Insights. “Offering a single source of truth across multiple cloud assets while informing maturity posture and driving compliance outcomes is a game changer for cybersecurity leaders in our industry. By combining Cisco Secure Cloud Insights and TrustMAPP we are fulfilling customer requests to deliver a comprehensive security posture that drives strategy.”

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