Tufin Introduces Security Policy Builder (SPB) App to Marketplace

Tufin Introduces Security Policy Builder (SPB) App to Marketplace-01

Tufin® (NYSE: TUFN), a company pioneering a policy-centric approach to security and IT operations, today announced the release of the Tufin Security Policy Builder (SPB) App, the latest addition to the Tufin Marketplace. The new app automates the design of corporate security access policies across the hybrid environment, reducing the complexity and time it takes to create security policies from months to days. The Security Policy Builder App is now available on the Tufin Marketplace to Tufin customers.

“Security teams are hard-pressed to define and maintain their security policy, which puts the organization at risk for non-compliance and security incidents,” said Yoram Gronich, SVP of Products and Engineering, Tufin. “With our latest addition to the Tufin Marketplace, the Security Policy Builder App gives users more oversight and control of their policies – from creation to implementation – to ensure compliance and maintain a strong security posture in days instead of months.”

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Integrating with Tufin’s SecureTrack, the Security Policy Builder App automates the design of network and cloud security access policies based on existing access and aligned to compliance models. In addition, the app operationalizes security policies to identify the exposed attack surface for prioritized response based on a company’s unique definition of risk to the business, and empowers the user to take effective mitigation steps or tracking for compliance assurance. The app simplifies the creation of access-based security policies, enabling organizations to reduce breach likelihood, avoid fines and penalties due to security violations, and maintain compliance assurance.

The Security Policy Builder App is now available on the Tufin Marketplace.

Updated apps further extend Tufin’s capabilities

Tufin also made significant updates to its Rule Lifecycle Management App and the Workflow Integrator App, which will be available later in the month of December.  The new version of the Rule Lifecycle Management App is designed to help customers with very large networks to better manage the lengthy and complex rule review process. It will include an API to integrate with CMDB (e.g., ServiceNow) and other IT ownership data sources to identify and map asset owners and enable assigned rule owners to petition for reassignment. The app will also allow users to prioritize rule reviews based on priority and network classification. The new version of the Workflow Integrator App will support the GET HTTP method, which will allow customers to retrieve data from third party systems and provide better context for decision-making in SecureChange workflows.

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