Turnstil.Cloud Bot Analytics & Management for Cloudflare Emerges from Stealth


Turnstil.Cloud, a Canadian cybersecurity startup specializing in real-time bot analysis and management, today announces it has emerged from stealth with the publication of a SaaS bot management solution for Cloudflare users.

Turnstil.Cloud is developing novel Artificial Intelligence (AI) coupled with Machine Learning (ML) that acts as an intelligent interface to control the Cloudflare firewall, while also providing comprehensive analytics and deep insight into the bot traffic on your website.

If a DDoS has brought your website down, Turnstil.Cloud will provide you with the cyber-intelligence you need to get it back online quickly. Built using Cloudflare Workers technology, the application is completely “serverless” and is designed to sit in front of your website, before the traffic hits your server.

Turnstil.Cloud can be installed and used to stop bot attacks even if your website is currently down. Installing Turnstil takes less than a minute through a few short clicks in the Cloudflare App Store. The process is simple, and can be accomplished by website owners or non-technical managers at any time – which is particularly convenient after hours, when your website is under attack and needs to be quickly brought back online.

Turnstil.Cloud is more than just a bot-fighting platform. Advertisers can get direct metrics to increase ROI by monitoring specific landing pages to see how much of the ad budget is going to real humans verses click bots. See which ad platforms are most susceptible to click-fraud and make valuable decisions about where to concentrate your ad budget. Blocking site-scrappers and competitive analysis bots (that help your competitors, not you) is as simple as a few clicks in Turnstil.

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Turnstil.Cloud is available now in the Cloudflare App Store. During the beta period, Turnstil.Cloud is free to all users. Paid plans unlocking advanced website security features will become available in coming months.

About Turnstil.Cloud: Turnstil is a SaaS Application that intelligently manages your Cloudflare Firewall. Turnstil.Cloud clicks each time a request is made to your server. Use Turnstil to gain deep insights into ALL the traffic hitting your website – both Bot & Human!