TXOne Networks Recognized by TSMC for Technical Cooperation in OT Cybersecurity for Semiconductor Foundry Global Leader


TXOne Networks, a leader in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) security, announced that the company has been recognized by TSMC, the world’s first dedicated semiconductor foundry, for outstanding performance in technical cooperation in operational technology (OT) cybersecurity.

TSMC, founded in 1987 and headquartered in Taiwan, is the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer. In 2021, TSMC established the “SEMI Taiwan Cybersecurity Committee,” introducing the first international standard, SEMI E187, and launching the “SEMI Cybersecurity Risk Rating Service.” The company also released the “Cybersecurity Reference Architecture for Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment,” enhancing cybersecurity measures in the semiconductor industry worldwide. These initiatives have attracted global attention and are expanding to regions such as the United States and Japan.

At the forefront of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry—a cornerstone of global innovation and economic growth—cybersecurity challenges are garnering attention. Recognized as a vital part of the national strategy, semiconductor technology collaborations between Taiwan and other nations have attracted significant resources. However, the industry is facing persistent threats from notorious cybercriminal organizations such as Lapsus$, LockBit, Cuba, RansomHouse, and LV gangs, orchestrating ransomware attacks, extortion attempts and other malicious activity throughout 2022. These cyber threats coincide with the intensifying U.S.-China chip war, adding a geopolitical layer to the situation. The semiconductor industry, which is critical to global supply chains, remains vigilant, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to fortify cybersecurity measures and navigate evolving challenges.

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“The demand for OT cybersecurity protection is rapidly growing as anticipated. However, due to the diverse production environments and operational methods in each vertical sector, tailored solutions are required,” said Dr. Terence Liu, chief executive officer, TXOne Networks. “We are honored to collaborate with leaders in the global semiconductor industry and pioneers in professional integrated circuit manufacturing services. Together, we strive within the Semiconductor Cybersecurity Committee to define best practices for OT cybersecurity in the semiconductor industry. We look forward to continually expanding such experiences and working with our partners to enhance the cybersecurity resilience of the semiconductor ecosystem.”

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