Unbound Security Delivers Integration With Google Cloud External Key Manager

Unbound Security Delivers Integration with Google Cloud External Key Manager

Unbound Security, a leader in cryptographic key orchestration for the enterprise, announced today their support for Google Cloud External Key Manager (Cloud EKM), following months of development and integration to Unbound CORE.

Via CORE key management platform, Unbound offers Google customers a single pane of glass, to centrally manage and control the encryption keys protecting all of their data stored on Google Cloud. The solution decrypts the data encryption keys necessary for any query on-the-fly while maintaining a tamper-proof audit.

Bahul Harikumar, head of infrastructure security partnerships, Google Cloud, commented, “We would like to provide a range of flexible options to meet customers’ encryption needs.

Together with Unbound Security, we are bringing enterprise customers the ability to have control over their data in our cloud environments, easing their workflows and providing transparency without adding increased risk – a must in the current all-digital climate and a double must in terms of compliance.”

The Unbound CORE External Key Manager for Google Cloud enables businesses worldwide to protect and be in full control of their data on Google Cloud. Data stored and used by Google Cloud, including services such as BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Kubernetes Engine and Compute Engine Persistent Disks can now be encrypted at-rest using Unbound keys that are fully controlled and owned by the customer.

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Google Cloud does not have control to these encryption keys; they are protected and managed solely by the enterprise customer using Unbound CORE.

“We are elated to see the realization of our integration with Google Cloud EKM,” Rocco Donnino, vice president of strategic alliances, stated. “Thanks to Unbound’s multiparty computation-based technology, businesses worldwide will be able to secure and manage their Google Cloud keys as easily as they would with their keys on-premise – via a centralized, secure system deployed across multiple sites.”

Secure multiparty computation – the technology at the heart of the Unbound CORE — makes this a perfect fit for Google Cloud EKM. The customer can enjoy security and performance, based on a simple architecture fully controlled by the client on its own dedicated systems. All this enables a smooth and secure transition to cloud services.

“More importantly, we bring tamper-proof audit logging to the market,” Donnino added. “In a world where compliance and transparency are more important than ever, we are excited to bring the same tools to Google Cloud users as we do to our broad range of customers.”

Unbound CORE External Key Manager for Google Cloud uses a virtual Hardware Security Module (vHSM) to deploy the solution in the cloud, as close as possible to protected data in the cloud. The solution also scales to match the needs of the business. There is no need for unique hardware deployment; this is a cloud-era solution – secure, performant and easy to use.

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