VanDyke Software Launches VShell 4.7

VanDyke Software Announces VShell 4.7 (Official) Secure File Transfer Server-01

VanDyke Software®, a developer of multi-platform secure file transfer and secure terminal emulation software, today announced the official release of VShell® 4.7 server.

Restricting Upload by File Types Increases VShell Security
The VShell secure file transfer server has a full range of capabilities that enable you to restrict service access using Windows Access Control Lists, “lock down” file system access to specific folders, and limit or deny incoming connections that may post a security risk.

VShell 4.7 expands on these security features by restricting file uploads by file type. “The ability to restrict file upload by file type adds to the admin’s choices to increase the security of their server,” said Danielle Argiro, Product Manager for VShell. “Its flexible configuration lets you choose the approach that’s best suited to your particular environment – specifying which file types you will allow or which file types you will deny.”

Trigger Copy Saves Time When Creating New Triggers
A key way to increase admin productivity is with automation. VShell automates tasks with a combination of event trigger conditions, remote command execution, and command-line utilities.VShell triggers let you automate responses to file uploads, downloads, or adding new files to a folder. You can define trigger actions to execute commands, copy or move files, send email, or even transfer files to another SFTP server.

With VShell 4.7 for Windows, you can save time when adding new file transfer automation tasks.  Quickly create new triggers using the trigger copy feature in the VShell Control Panel.

New Platforms
Supported platforms now include Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, and MacOS 12 (Monterey).

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Updated FIPS Module
The Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 140-2 – Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules (FIPS 140-2) details the United States Government requirements for cryptographic modules. When configured to run in FIPS mode, the VShell SSH2/SFTP server will use only FIPS-approved asymmetric key algorithms, symmetric key block and stream algorithms, message digests, message authentication, and random number generation.

As part of VShell 4.7 for Windows, VShell includes an updated FIPS module for FIPS 140-2 compliance.

VShell 4.7 Includes Technical Support During Evaluation
Fully-functional evaluation copies of VShell 4.7 can be downloaded from the company’s website: VShell evaluators have full access to VanDyke Software’s expert technical support to assist with installation, configuration, and testing during the 60-day VShell evaluation period.

Argiro said, “VShell provides security along with convenience and flexibility for file transfer using SFTP, FTPS, or HTTPS.  Plus, our technical support team will be there to help when you need it. VShell lets you offer a wide range of file transfer capabilities to your organization and external partners with confidence.”

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