Verkada Announces Security Camera Donation Program to Help Combat AAPI Hate

Verkada Announces Security Camera Donation Program to Help Combat AAPI Hate-01

 Verkada Inc., a leader in cloud-based enterprise physical security, today announced a program to donate Verkada security cameras and software licenses to AAPI-owned organizations and businesses that are seeking enhanced protection following a troubling increase in anti-Asian discrimination and acts of hate.

Verkada employees are spearheading the initiative to donate up to $100,000 in security cameras and software to Asian American and Pacific Islander-owned businesses as part of Verkada’s mission of protecting people, assets and privacy.

“Our employees are heartbroken watching the disturbing rise in discrimination, hate and violence directed at the AAPI community, and wanted to help fight back “ said Filip Kaliszan, CEO of Verkada. “We hope our products help give these organizations a sense of security and empowerment as they confront this despicable behavior.”

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The first 20 cameras from the new program will be donated to Oakland’s Chinatown Chamber of Commerce after president Carl Chan was publicly assaulted in Oakland in April. Verkada’s pilot program will commit to donating up to 100 additional security cameras and licenses.

“Violence and prejudice has absolutely no place in our lives,” said Carl Chan, the President of Oakland’s Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. “The Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce is a vital voice in our community, and we will not be intimidated or cower in the face of this unacceptable discrimination. We are grateful to Verkada for stepping up and assisting the Chamber in doing all that we can to protect ourselves as we all work hard to thrive together in our diverse city.”

There have been more than 9,000 reported anti-Asian incidents since the pandemic began in 2020, according to NPR. Verkada’s goal is to work with organizations to provide tools that it hopes can help combat this unacceptable rise in acts of hate.

AAPI-owned or affiliated organizations who would like to apply for the program can fill out the security camera donation form on the Verkada website.

In April, Verkada launched a similar initiative to provide free video equipment to help healthcare facilities, shelters, and municipal services across the U.S., Canada, and the UK respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.This program provided more than 60 hospitals and health care providers and municipalities with video equipment to help them to quickly scale  remote monitoring of patients in order to reduce medical workers’ exposure to COVID-19 and use of critical PPE equipment.

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