Vervoe Announces The Future Of Cybersecurity Recruitment With New Cybersecurity Job Simulations

Vervoe Announces The Future Of Cybersecurity Recruitment With New Cybersecurity Job Simulations

Vervoe, an AI-powered skills testing platform, today released a new set of Cybersecurity Job Simulations. Designed to make hiring an in-house cybersecurity expert easy, these simulations simplify the process of validating skills and enhance the candidate experience. Hirers can watch candidates configure firewalls, patch vulnerabilities and investigate intrusions — all within a live and immersive terminal environment — to ensure they have cybersecurity skills organizations need.

With global cyberattacks up by 38% in 2022, cybersecurity is a serious issue for businesses everywhere. The average cyberattack now costs over $5 million per incident, takes companies 197 days to discover, and 69 days to contain.

Meanwhile, a global cybersecurity skills shortage and outdated recruitment methods have made easily hiring qualified cybersecurity professionals a struggle. Until now.

Vervoe Co-Founder David Weinberg, himself a cybersecurity architect, believes current cybersecurity recruitment processes aren’t effective.

“Traditional recruitment methods like resume screening, interviews, and even forms of psychometric testing that focus on personalities are almost irrelevant when it comes to identifying top talent, as they fundamentally lack the ability to assess and validate skills.

Our cybersecurity job simulations have been built from the ground up to ensure that only the most relevant skills are assessed so companies can make data-driven decisions when hiring in-house cybersecurity experts. In simple terms, we’ve done the work so hiring managers don’t have to,” said David.

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Omer Molad, Co-Founder and CEO of Vervoe, says that most companies are acutely aware of the importance of cybersecurity, but may be unsure of how to identify top performers when hiring in-house.

“Giving job candidates an opportunity to validate their skills by doing tasks in conditions that resemble the job is the best way to predict job performance. We’ve created six unique cybersecurity simulations to help forward-thinking companies unearth cybersecurity professionals.

Our technology allows recruiters and hiring managers to place candidates inside a live terminal to complete a range of job-specific tasks, such as configuring firewall systems, patching vulnerabilities, hardening operating systems, and investigating intrusions. Ultimately, this takes a lot of the guesswork out of the hiring decision,”said Omer.

This market-first suite of job simulations is made specifically for high-stakes hiring, so organizations can minimize their risk of hiring poor performers for incident response and cybersecurity roles.

And these roles are just the beginning, with six more cybersecurity simulations coming, along with Marketing, Sales, and Data Science simulations.

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