Vesta Property Group Notifies Individuals of Data Security Incident

Vesta Property Group Notifies Individuals of Data Security Incident-01

Vesta Property Services, Inc. (“Vesta”), an organization that provides association management services to developers of planned unit communities, condominium associations, homeowners associations and property owners associations announced today that it is notifying certain individuals whose information may have been involved in recent data security incidents. Vesta is committed to keeping the community informed, communicating about the steps it is taking toward resolution, and ensuring impacted individuals have the tools they need to minimize the impact of the incident.

On or about October 22, 2021, and November 19, 2021, Vesta discovered that it was the victim of a cyber-attack that impacted its systems and servers at some of its locations. At that time, Vesta’s technology team acted quickly to restore and secure its systems. Vesta immediately engaged independent third-party cybersecurity experts to assist in the remediation and investigation and contacted the FBI.

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The investigation is ongoing, but Vesta believe that the unauthorized individual could have potentially accessed or obtained protected personal information. With this said, as of the date of this release, Vesta has no evidence indicating that any information has been used for identity theft or financial fraud.

The types of protected personal information potentially involved could include first and last name, address, phone number, and financial account information.

Further, Vesta is offering complimentary identity monitoring and protection services for individuals who believe that they were impacted by this incident. Vesta recommends that these individuals enroll in the services provided to increase the likelihood that their information remains protected. If you believe that your information was involved and want to know more about these services, please call the dedicated toll-free helpline set up specifically for this purpose at 1-833-770-0725, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (EST) (excluding major U.S. holidays).

The security and privacy of the information contained within its systems is a top priority for us. In response to this incident, Vesta is implementing additional safeguards to its existing cybersecurity infrastructure and enhancing its staff cybersecurity training. Further, Vesta is working with its external legal and cybersecurity experts to improve its cybersecurity policies, procedures, and protocols to help minimize the likelihood of this type of incident occurring again.

“We were upset to learn that we were one of thousands of organizations dealing with these types of incidents,” explained David Surface, Vesta’s CEO. “We take the security and privacy of the information contained in our systems with the utmost seriousness. We are fully committed to protecting the information of our staff, customers, and anyone else our business receives information from. We apologize for the inconvenience this incident caused. We truly thank the community, the entire Vesta family, and all of our partners for the continued support and understanding during this incident.”

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