VicOne and Primax Partner on Automotive Cybersecurity Services to Improve Efficiencies in Protecting Intelligent Fleet Management and Applications Platform


VicOne, a leading automotive cybersecurity solutions provider, today announced it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Primax (TWSE:4915) to work together on enhancing the cybersecurity protection of Primax’s QCS6490-based IoT gateway platform. Primax is a global leader in vision, audio, and interface technologies and is targeting fleet and industrial IoT applications in intelligent transportation. Through the partnership, VicOne will provide VicOne xZETA security scanning and SBOM (software bill of materials) management tools to support Primax products in complying with ISO/SAE 21434.

Primax’s QCS6490 reference platform can support multiple wired or wireless sensors and will offer integration with a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics system and 5G or LTE network connectivity. Its advanced computing capabilities and robust feature set make the QCS6490 a versatile solution for next-generation edge processing devices such as cameras, gateways, industrial automation equipment (IPC, PLC), and autonomous mobile robotics.

As automotive cyberthreats evolve, continuous monitoring for zero-day vulnerabilities is critical. While the QCS6490 platform is aimed at fleet management systems and T-box customers, VicOne xZETA can automatically scan the platform regularly and notify if it is affected, which empowers the platform toward compliance with ISO/SAE 21434. At the same time, with xZETA’s patent-pending VicOne Vulnerability Impact Rating (VVIR) technology, the external and internal data can be integrated to prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities: identifying, assessing, mitigating, and monitoring. This empowers Primax to swiftly identify and address high-risk issues, formulate corresponding strategies, secure the platform, and provide reliable and secure service to its customers.

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“The impact of cyberattacks is significant to smart city transportation. Suppose hackers had taken control of the fleet management operation and remotely disabled the functions of vehicles — this could lead to a traffic crash and endanger the safety of road users,” said Edward Tsai, Vice President of Strategic Partnership at VicOne. “We are pleased that this partnership can extend Primax’s technical service to bring cybersecurity value to its automotive clients and ensure a safer car ecosystem.”

“Automotive cybersecurity is far from simple, as hackers will attack from all angles, requiring a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach and specialized knowledge. As a global leader in edge computing and vision technologies, Primax is committed to providing our fleet management and T-box clients with the most advanced technologies,” said Jason Hsu, Vice President of Primax’s Connected Mobility Business Unit. “Cybersecurity is critical to connected cars. We are proud to partner with VicOne, the automotive cybersecurity expert, to help widen our support and bring cyber-protected service to market. With our collaboration with VicOne and adoption of xZETA, we expect to deliver our customers a safe and secure end-device product.”

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