Virsec Expands Into Japanese Market With Cornet Solutions Partnership


Virsec’s Entrance Into Japan’s Rapidly Growing Cybersecurity Market Will Provide Advanced Application-Aware Server Protection to Key Enterprises

Virsec, the industry leader in application-aware server workload protection, announced its expansion into the Asian market with a partnership with Cornet Solutions, a key reseller and integrator of various high-tech niche products as a VAR (value-added-reseller) in Japan. This marks Virsec’s entrance into the rapidly-growing Japanese market to bring end-to-end, runtime protection across server workloads to the country’s major enterprises.

Since 1998, Cornet Solutions has worked with major communications equipment manufacturers, financial institutions and international communications companies. Recently, increased cyberattacks at the server level has impacted prominent Japanese enterprises. Mitsubishi Electric, a major Japanese manufacturer, was attacked in early 2020 with a suspected infection of 132 PCs and servers – leading to the personal data for more than 8,000 people being stolen. Addressing the country’s growing need for advanced security, the Virsec security platform is able to detect and stop advanced attacks during runtime across the full application stack, including the web, memory and host layers. Virsec provides Cornet Solutions with real-time memory protection to a wide range of enterprises across an in-demand Japanese market.

“Japan’s cybersecurity market is one of the world’s fastest growing, and we are thrilled to be entering it with our advanced security solutions and application protection,” said Bobby Gupta, SVP of International Sales and Corporate Development at Virsec. “With security threats being a top concern in the Japanese market, coupled with Virsec’s unique approach to cybersecurity, we will enable the country to have widespread protection against exploits, with unrivaled speed and accuracy.”

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COVID-19 has worsened the cybersecurity threat landscape in recent months, taxing resources in compromised areas. According to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), more than 70% of breaches are targeting servers – not user endpoints. Attackers are resourceful, creative, and constantly shifting strategies to avoid detection by conventional tools. Sophisticated attackers require sophisticated defense and existing endpoint protection platform (EPP) solutions are not suitable. Companies must continue improving cybersecurity efforts to protect the underlying servers, third-party code, backend applications, and data that are all connected.

“Working with Virsec allows us to bring a next-generation provider of data security to our customers here in Japan,” said Hideo Matsumoto, Representative Director of Cornet Solutions. “We look forward to working with the Virsec team providing their innovative security solutions and protecting our customers against impending cyberattacks.”