Xage taps industrial solutions provider, evopro systems engineering

Xage taps industrial solutions provider_ evopro systems engineering_ to expand reach in European market-01

Xage, the zero trust security company, today announced its partnership with evopro systems engineering, an industrial automation engineering solutions provider based in Hungary serving central and eastern Europe.

Factories across the world are striving to improve the cost and quality of production. In turn, they’re attempting to optimize operations by modernizing legacy technology and combining data from multiple digital systems to make automated real-time decisions. At the same time, the manufacturing industry is also seeking to protect themselves from rising cybersecurity threats.

As a reseller of the Xage Fabric—a mesh of software nodes that overlays an operation to impose granular control over all digital interactions—evopro is now providing zero trust architecture alongside its own digital transformation solutions to clients across central and eastern Europe. Now, manufacturers working with evopro can upgrade security postures while simultaneously pursuing modernization. When deployed in a manufacturing plant, the Xage Fabric ensures data integrity and secure communication between all the factory’s components, enabling single-sign-on convenience, system-wide process optimization and role-based access control.

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“We’re seeing a rapid increase in cyberattacks to critical operations, private corporations and government systems across the world. Digital transformation investments can no longer stand alone from upgrades to security, leaving new systems and technologies vulnerable to breaches by hackers or hit by ransomware,” said Duncan Greatwood, CEO at Xage. “Now, our partnership with evopro enables manufacturers to embrace both security and modernization. We’re excited to extend access to the Xage Fabric for manufacturers in central and eastern Europe alongside evopro.”

In addition to upleveling security, the Xage Fabric will also provide evopro clients with:

  • Data Security: Xage’s Dynamic Data Security empowers businesses to transform the ways they operate internally, work with partners and suppliers, and serve their customers. It supports applications from transactive energy (TE/DER) through custody transfer tracking to advanced supply chain cooperation.
  • Local & Remote Access Control: Xage delivers operation-wide single sign-on and access that remains secure even in the event of network compromise, and which MFA-enables every operational system. All assets, people and applications are secured based on identity.
  • Cost Reduction: Capital and operational expenditures associated with multi-user, multi-vendor access management and the effort required to provide/remove access to users across systems while unifying the multiparty access control based on Active Directory user roles. Additionally, all assets are supported and protected, no matter the vendor or age, allowing manufacturers to upgrade at their own pace while still maintaining security.

“Large-scale cyber attacks targeting industrial companies are only becoming more common. This trend does not bypass Hungary or Central and Eastern Europe,” said evopro CEO Péter Hajagos. “Xage’s cyber solutions complement our more than 20 years of industrial automation experience to provide customers with effective security and protect them from significant economic damages.”

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