Zebrium Releases New SaaS and On-Premises Editions that use Machine Learning to Quickly and Accurately Find the Root Cause of Software Problems

Zebrium Releases New SaaS and On-Premises Editions that use Machine Learning to Quickly and Accurately Find the Root Cause of Software Problems

KubeCon + CloudNative Con Booth # SU41  –Zebrium, the leader in using machine learning on logs to automatically find the root cause of software problems, today announced a major new release of its SaaS solution and, for the first time, a fully on-premises edition catering to organizations with the most stringent security requirements. The on-premises solution ensures sensitive log data always remains within a company’s private network.

The new SaaS edition includes a completely redesigned user interface and delivers a 10x performance improvement for finding the root cause in logs. The on-premises edition is packaged as a Kubernetes-deployed application and can be installed with just a single Helm command, making it easy to install, upgrade and manage.

It includes open-APIs for easy integration into existing tools and workflows and is designed to scale to meet the needs of the largest enterprise customers. It is based on the same proven Zebrium machine learning technology that is deployed in customer environments around the world.

Today’s distributed applications generate huge volumes of software logs collected from many different applications and microservices. Some of the log streams can intentionally or inadvertently contain sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as names, addresses and even credit card numbers or other details.

For this reason, some companies, particularly those in regulated industries or in certain geographical locations, are not able to send log data to the cloud. The new on-premises edition satisfies their requirements by keeping all log data within an organization’s own network.

“Quickly and accurately resolving application failures, or preventing them in the first place, is a top goal for all organizations,” said Ajay Singh, CEO, Zebrium. “With this release, any type of company can achieve this goal, by deploying a SaaS solution or an on-premises version where there is a strict requirement to keep log data within a private network.”

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New features and enhancements in SaaS and on-premises editions:

    • 10x performance increase provides near real-time detection of problems and their root cause.
    • Redesigned user interface simplifies all workflows and provides new integrations with 3rd party tools including AppDynamics, PagerDuty, Opsgenie and Slack.
    • Improved scalability to meet the needs of any enterprise customer.
    • On-premises edition provides open-APIs for easy integration into existing tools and workflows.
    • Plain language root cause summaries using Natural Language Processing (NLP) for easy understanding.

The new on-premises and improved SaaS editions are now in general availability.

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