Buoyant Introduces Zero-Trust Network Policies to Linkerd’s Service Mesh

Buoyant Introduces Zero-Trust Network Policies to Linkerds Service Mesh-01

The open-source Linkerd service mesh, as well as Buoyant Cloud, a software-as-a-service platform that bundles extra capabilities with Linkerd, have received new security improvements, according to Buoyant Inc.

The Linkerd service mesh is a software layer that connects micro services, which are the building blocks of modern container-based apps. Containerized apps are popular because they are lightweight and can be quickly moved between various types of computing infrastructure without requiring any code changes.

The service mesh landscape is competitive, and Linkerd is one of the numerous possibilities, including Kong Inc.’s Kuma, Google LLC’s open-source Istio, and Solo.io Inc.’s Gloo.

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