‘Cardplanet’ Operator has Got Sentenced to 9 Years

‘Cardplanet’ Operator Gets 9 years Sentence

The carding store victimized the U.S. citizens and is responsible for $20 million worth fraudulent purchases. The cybercriminal was responsible for running a “carding” website on the Dark Web for going to federal prison for 9 years for selling stolen consumer payment information.
Aleksei Burkov, the operator of a website called “Cardplanet,” has sold hundreds of thousands of debit- and credit card numbers that had been hacked.
The marketplace’s wares came in the form of digital card information that could be encoded on a blank card having a magnetic strip in order to produce counterfeit payment cards. The U.S. Department of Justice claimed that selling that data translated into about $20 million of fraudulent purchases made misusing the U.S. credit card accounts.

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