Chrome 108 Update Patches Memory Safety Flaws of Critical Severity


This week, Google released an update for Chrome that fixes eight security issues, including five that were brought to their attention by outside researchers. Use-after-free flaws, a type of memory safety bug that has plagued Chrome for years and that Google has fought hard to eradicate, are the root of all five security flaws.

Four of these problems, according to Google’s advisory, are high-severity bugs that affect elements like Blink Media, Mojo IPC, Blink Frames, and Aura. The vulnerabilities have been assigned the CVE numbers CVE-2022-4436 to CVE-2022-4439, and a medium-severity use-after-free vulnerability has been assigned the CVE number CVE-2022-4440.

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Currently, Windows users are receiving version 108.0.5359.124 of the most recent Chrome browser release, while Mac and Linux users are receiving version 108.0.5359.124/.125.

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