Conti, DeadBolt Ransomwares Target Delta, QNAP

Conti_ DeadBolt Ransomwares Target Delta_ QNAP-01

Two Taiwanese companies have been hit by separate ransomware incidents this week, forcing one to oppose the restoration of crippled programs and the other to issue an urgent review to reduce attacks on its customers.

Delta Electronics, an electronics company that supplies products to Apple, Tesla, HP and Dell, revealed on Friday that “non-critical systems” have been attacked by “overseas hackers” – an attack called Conti Group.

At the time, Taiwanese storage provider and network provider QNAP Systems demanded an update to its customer storage device (NAS) after warning them earlier this week that DeadBolt ransomware was in an offensive mode against them.

Ransomware also replaces the device’s standard HTML login page with a ransom requirement of 0.03 bitcoins, or about $ 1,100, to get the encryption key and data recovery.

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